Thursday, November 1, 2012

Crazy But that's How it Goes

Before I do anything else I want to put in a plug for Prowling with Kat's November Sex Blog Chain.  This month's theme is particularly interesting Sex and Politics which as my favorite philosopher Forest Gump would say "go together like peas and carrots!"  Jump on the Kat bandwagon and join in on the fun or rather, considering the political season we're in, ride her coattails!  Trust me your polling numbers will go up several percentage points with Kat on your ticket!

So for today, since nothing has been going on around here this week on the East Coast, I'm a bit bored!  :)

And since this Washington DC insider loves to bring you vital news of the world I will go over to that left coast for today's post and commentary!  Which just goes to show you not everything in the world happens between DC and NYC (although really most does).  I'm such a Washington elitist.  I always love it when those Fox hosts bitch and moan about Washington Liberal elites.  I just smile and say "yep, elite - that's me!"   :)

Anyway, under the category of, "OMG, who saw that coming," apparently Octomom is in drug rehab for an addiction to Xanax.  Her "rep" said "Nadya wanted to get off Xanax.... and learn to deal with her stress, exhaustion, and anxiety with professional help."  DUH, you have 14 friggin' kids!  Of course you are going to need Xanax.  With that many kids it should be on your food pyramid right there above veggies and grains!  Kids are like Organic Crack on Steroids when you just have two.  Believe me I have two, they are a load.  They're pushy, needy, and relentless.  They are like a perpetual case of ADD!  Needing Xanax when you have 14 kids is like saying you need a dose of oxygen to get out of bed in the morning.  In fact if I was prescribing medication to someone in need of stimulus I'd say have two kids and call me in the morning.  The effect of kids on the adult psyche is like consuming a 44oz can of Red Bull and a dozen Crispy Creme donuts!
Bump that dosage up to a Quart of Red Bull, the donuts, a side order of pop rocks, and listen to 24 hours of Nine Inch Nails and I think you might get close to the effect of 14 kids.  Regardless, that ain't some place I want to go!

So Octomom, don't worry; Xanax was made for you.  Then again, a side affect of Xanax is apparently disinhibition which of course is what probably led to all those kids in the first place!

As for me, if I had 14 kids I'd need a daily theraputic whack to the head from Pablo Sandoval's bat, maybe that is what Octomom needs!

Shame on me though, I should take it from Ozzy and "learn how to love..."    :)
BTW, I love that quote "I've listened to preachers, I've listened to fools, I've watched all the drop-outs who make their own rules."  And if you are listening to me I'll give you a hint who I am because I sure ain't no preacher.   :)

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