Monday, November 12, 2012

I'll Take the Varmint's Path

I thought that title might be an attention grabber 

So I left my Sandee story here the last time I spoke of her.  So how does "varmint" lyrics enter into a story about Sandee?  Well, think about the author first, varmint could involve a lot of things I might get into or even be a very appropriate descriptor of your's truly.

But that is in fact a line from Pearl Jam's "Corduroy."  I think that might be my favorite Pearl Jam song and of course Pearl Jam is one of my all time favorite bands.  Well, I like Yellow Ledbetter as well, I think I might fit that song into my next Sandee post.  I also really like Daughter.  And a little secret, my first Ashley Madison caption was a lyric from their song Wishlist.

"I wish I was the souvenir you kept your house key on..."
At the time I thought it was so edgy and Gen X/hipsterish but yeah, too beta and touchy feely.  Of course thinking back to that song "I wish I was a Neutron bomb for once I could go off," would have been good!  Oh yeah and this would be cool too, "I wish I was the full moon shining off your Camaro's hood," damn that would be so awesome to meet a woman on AM with a Camaro!
I do think I settled onto a good one though in the end from Waylon Jennings; simple and too the points, "Just to Satisfy You."  I'm all about service you know.
But I'm rambling now, today's post is not about AM profiles it is about Sandee and the summer.
Of course there are plenty of lyrics in Corduroy that could apply to my relationship with Sandee.
"The waiting drove me mad, you're finally here and I'm a mess..."
"Can't let you roam inside my head..."
"I don't want to hear from those who know..."  -  that's for you Kat!   :)
Oh well, I like "I'll take the varmint's path."  It continues on to say "oh and I must refuse your test..."
So about mid-June this past summer Sandee decided that we should put things on the back burner for the second time or maybe it was the third; I had lost count.  This time I thought perhaps I should just fade out like I did with Sandra.  I even ventured back onto AM and tried a little Facebook flirting.  But my career got in the way of a lot of summer-time adventuring as I implied.
So what was I left with?  A little time but not a lot, some perspective, and of course the fact that within a week I really missed Sandee.  Bottom line, she is fun; too damn much fun!
I won't go into details but Sandee had some challenges over those late June weeks and I felt compelled to lend a hand.  That started the daily laugh of Will Ferrell YouTube attachment e-mails back and forth. 
Inevitably that led to a casual walk along the river.  We both had an hour to kill, what was the harm.

Of course a few walks led to plans for another kayaking trip.  Unfortunately something got in the way of our first boat trip.  Sandee wrote this:

Aw Ryan, I'm sorry but i have to nix our yakkin' plans already. :( I thought he was leaving Wed, but it's actually Thurs. I guess that's what happens when there is next to no communication. At this point in the game, I don't want to raise any red flags. Know what I mean??

I'm done Thur @noon, and free & clear after that, but I know you said you were busy. So I guess if it can't work, I'll see you on Friday.

Feel free to holler, scream, and/or slap me! go ahead, Ryan---you know you want to ---I can take it! (eyes squeezed shut waiting for the pain...) ;)

Seriously though, I'm Sorry, S

Wow, Sandee; what a cool cool lady.  I could never get mad at her.  I guess I would just have to wait for Friday!

So yes I am/was/would be a "varmint."  Sandee had said she had a lot on her plate and needed space to work out her life.  I should have accepted that, but unfortunately "I must refuse your test."

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