Saturday, March 9, 2013

One Shining Moment

March Madness - Sex with an Athlete

So Kat has agreed to carry the torch forward another month.  And what a great topic.  As soon as I heard it I thought it was right up my alley.  Of course the problem is I've never had sex with a famous athlete.

Oh no Ryan does that mean you are going to make up some stupid story like you did last November when you'd never screwed a politician?

No, Shannon was a cheerleader and I've dated other cheerleaders.  They are athletes, right?

Well you can't bet on cheerleading so I'm not sure if cheerleading is a skill, art, talent or sport.  Regardless I just like to watch them.

Of course when I really got to thinking about it I realized that if I wanted to talk about sex with the greatest athlete I've ever known then I would have to tackle a subject I've never written about and frankly am a little scared off, seeing as how I'm a bit of a prude.  What is that you say?  That would be the act of self-love.  You see if I'm talking about having sex with the greatest athlete I've ever know I'd have to talk about, you know - ME!  I'm sorry, that was REALLY, really bad you should stop reading!  But I still can swim 50 meters in under 30 seconds and keep an 8 minute/mile pace over a 5K.  :)

Spike me baby!
OK so my point is this and I'll digress first as I always do.  See I've played basketball with one of the greatest Defensive Linemen of all time, I've played golf with a guy that played QB in the NFL for over 10 years.  One thing that always amazes me about seeing great athletes up close is how athletic they really are.  Most of the time a great athlete, in a given sport, can pick up other sports rather easily because, you know, they are great athletes for Christ sake!

I rather think that translates to sex.  I know, I know just because you are super fit doesn't mean you know how to screw and how to suck dick.  But I think that flexibility, agility, endurance, etc. all add up to the ability to excel if you do have that determination to be great at your skill which in this case would be sex!

So where am I going with this.  Well first let's get the old fantasy component out of the way.  I like athletic women who are not too Butch.  From my experience volleyball players have great asses, are often pretty, are great athletes, and not overly muscular.  Add that up and you get Gabrielle Reece, one of my all time fantasy ladies. She also has Shannon's nose.  Yes, a bit imperfect but you know imperfection can be really sexy!  And of course I'll leave you with the image of my swim suit model/tri-athlete that I chased for about 2 months on Ashley Madison and then e-mail.  Although in the end she turned out to be Sandee!  :)

But speaking of volleyball players and former athletes who know how to screw, I do have two encounters from my Ashley Madison experiences to share with you.

Alecia played volleyball in high school and she was definitely a great athlete in bed.  Sometimes when I'm nervous I have trouble finishing up.  I don't have trouble getting up, just finishing up.  The two times we had sex were real marathon encounters involving about 2 hours of on-again/off-again sex from multiple positions.  She was very much in shape and it felt great to feel our bodies melt in sweat together.  Her ass was just so nice and I remember she had this very sexy freckle as well as a tattoo (tattoo on back just below belt line, freckle on right cheek.  Anyway that flexibility and ability to go at it for an extended period of time was exhilarating.  Oh and I can still hear her sigh "you're hitting all the right places" as my tongue was lodged between her legs! 

But as for athleticism Alecia was tall, sexy, and sleek but paled in comparison (overall) to Keeley. Keeley also played volleyball but also at the college level.  I would define Keeley as "big-boned" but not over-weight.  She had long legs with great muscle tone.  She was very curvy but her curves were just right with respect to width, height, and depth.  I liked her perfect muscle tone along her arms and shoulders.  That balance made clothes hang well off of her and of course made her look so good when they were falling off of her.  I also loved the fact that she was a natural red-head which made the contrast of her thin line of pubic hair all the more arousing against her pale porcelain skin.

We only had sex once but it was like an erotic wrestling match.  Not violent mind you in an adversarial way but rigorous as it felt like a fight to move against one another as rapidly and briskly as possible.  Fucking her from behind in front of the mirror was an orgasm to the visual senses as her athletic body curved in front of me.  Her ass bounced perfectly off my hips and her waist felt so good as I held on and pulled her body into mine.  Her athleticism, like Alecia included endurance and flexibility but what was so different was her strength.  I had never had sex with a woman that was nearly as strong as me and that allowed her to wrap herself around me in ways I had not experienced.

Yes sex with Alecia and Keeley were both wonderful athletic adventures.  Sex with Shannon over the years has been wonderful as well.  She is more the petite ballerina who can contort her body into erotic positions in front, over, and underneath me.  At our best it was no problem for her to wrap her legs around my neck as I pumped myself into her.

Sandee is pretty athletic too.  She played volleyball and softball in high school and has that perfect balance of being feminine but a "Tom-boy" as well.  In good weather we often canoe on the river.   She too has powerful legs and arms but still retains feminine contours.

Wow!  Alecia, Keeley, Shannon, and Sandee what a great Final Four that is.  It makes me think of predicting a real Final Four.  You know I tried to get Kat to move this post back to after Selection Sunday so I could more accurately predict my Final Four but she insisted on routine.

So I'll kind of have to do this bare-back so to speak without the protection of a Bracket.  With that in mind here is my Final Four.

Duke - I hate to see this and I wouldn't have predicted this a week ago.  But it looks like Ryan Kelly take the Dukies to a new level.

Indiana - I always like to pick the best team from the best conference.  That is IU, Big 10 is very tough this year.  Oops, IU choked to Ohio State with the conference championship on the line; maybe I should go with the ' Zags!

Kansas - Other than a bad 3 game stretch they have been close to perfect.  I like the experience and the coaching.

Louisville - I like there experience and I think they are the best team from the second best conference the Big East.

I think I'll still take Indiana in the Championship!  Duke will probably win but who wants to pull for the Dukies!  :(

And here is that One Shining Moment I love to hear every March!  So go out and have some March Madness now.


cammies on the floor said...

It's amazing what fitness, and depending upon the conditioning, can do for sex. Yoga allows me to get into some crazy positions, and my kegel muscles are ridiculously strong, helping him reach the finish line.
Yoga didn't help my endurance, however. But cycling picks that up pretty well.
For him, being strong helps him pick me up and move me however he wants me. It helps when I am on top and coming to climax - I lose rhythm when it starts to feel that good, but he grabs my hips or the bottom of my thighs and can easily move me up and down on top of him to help carry me to the finish line.

Ryan Beaumont said...

Dang Cammies - we need you to put all that into a Kat Chain post!

Same sassy girl said...

Oooh! I do adore it when you write about sex. Yum. And that music choice with Chicago and Notre Dame? Fabulous! Great being on the chain gain with you, Ryan!