Friday, March 1, 2013

With a Cat Such as Me and a Thinker Like You

Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss!
March 2nd
Rock Her Box by Dr. Ryan
Cocks in box.
Rocks her socks.
Socks on cocks rocks her box.
Cocks rocks her box only wearing sox.
Socks on cocks and cocks in box.
Chicks with vibes come
Chicks with dildos come
Chicks with vibes and dildos and Ryans come
Look, sir.  Look, sir.  Mr. Ryan, sir.
Let's do tricks with vibes and dildos, sir.
Let Ryan do tricks with chicks, sir.
First, I'll make a quick trick vibe rack
Then I'll make a quick trick dildo slide
Ryan can make a quick trick chick rack
Ryan can make a quick trick dick slide
And here's a new trick, Mr. Ryan..
Chicks on cocks and chicks that rock
Rock my cock with tits and tas
Vibes and dildos on Box that rock
Now we come to tits and tas, sir
Try to say this Mr. Ryan, sir...
Cocks in box pop
Cocks in sox flop
Six blond chicks pop
Six drunk chicks flop
Please, sir.  I don't like this trick, sir.
My tongue isn't quick and slick, sir.
I get all those pops and tits, sir
mixed up with the flops and tas sir.
I can't do it, Mr. Ryan sir.
I'm so sorry Mr. Riff sir.
Here's an easy place to play.
A sweet place for tongues to stay.
New box
Two box
Whose box
Kat's box
Who licks whose box.
JJ licks Kat's box.
Who sees who licks Kat's new box, sir?
You see who licks Kat's new box, sir.
That's not easy Mr. Ryan, sir.
Who comes
B comes
Hot Ms B comes.
Who licks Ms. B's box
Anyone would like to lick Ms B's box!

Who rips off Sassy's clothes
Phil rips off Sassy's clothes
Sally rips off who's clothes
Phil's clothes

Phil rolls his cock in Sassy's box now
Sassy rolls cock from Phil in her box now
'Ho's go
Ryan's cock grows
Not those hairy 'ho's?
I suspect that hairy 'ho really has a scary cock that grows

Mr. Ryan!
I hate this game, sir.
This game makes my cock quite lame sir.

Mr. Riff, what a shame sir.

We'll find some new chicks to screw!
Let's make some sticky goo to spew!
Hot goo, sticky goo
Gooey, Gooey
Sticky Goo

Gooey goo chicks like to gulp
That's what some chicks like to sup
Do you choose to gulp on gooey goo, sir?
No sir, no sir; I'm not that type of dude, sir

Long cock! Wide Cock!
Stong cock! Slide your Cock!

My mouth can't take all that in sir
Her mouth is still full of goo sir

Well then mam bring your mouth this way
I'll stay hard long enough for your to say

Lewd ladies like licking long cock
Lewd ladies like riding Ryan's cock
Which cock do lewd ladies like
Ryan's cock is what makes them feel right

Mr. Ryan I can't say this blither blubber
Just go out and find me a rubber

Oh my followers do come now
Surely you must know how much I'm dumb now

So in all of this frustration
Please try to get through this conjugation

Do you like to have a shaggle?

Often after sexy bloggers fornicate, a post they soon begin to formulate

It's called a babble about a shaggle.

And when they do it in a puddle
It's a blogger puddle babble shaggle

And when they whip each other with a paddle
It's know to be a blogger paddle puddle babble shaggle

And when they are in a muddle over who is over and who's under
It's call a blogger muddle paddle puddle babble shaggle

And when these bloggers perhaps think they should be subtle
We say it is a subtle blogger muddle paddle puddle babble shaggle

OMG Mr. Ryan I must get to the end
If I keep on going my brain waves will bend
Anywho this stuff is becoming quit a bore
I think I'll go downtown and find me a 'ho-stess twinkee  :)

Wow!  That was harder than I thought!
This is not entirely original.  I saw the following article after I started and used for some source material - it's pretty funny.  If Dr Seuss Had Written a Sex Ed Book.
And here is one sexy book Dr. Seuss actually did write and illustrate that kind of bombed:  The Seven Lady Godiva's.


Kat said...

You're a very disturbed man, Ryan. LOL

Same sassy girl said...

Ryan rocks when he mocks a Sassy without frocks! Yum.

Anonymous said...

OH! I love Dr. Ryan! :-D

Ryan Beaumont said...

@Kat - since it came from you and you added LOL, I'll assume that was a compliment! :)

@Sassy I'd never mock your frocks
I'd rather take some peakage
at your cleavage!

@Love you too Sweets!

Anonymous said...

I landed on your page via Sweets and I am glad I took a peek at this post. I enjoyed it.
Now I am off to explore... the rest of you. :-)