Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Well Some Things are Hard to Say

As you know I'm bad about ripping other people off.  Just last week I stole an idea from Sassy and incorporated it into my FFF for the week.  Why think of new stuff when I can let others think for me!

But one thing I do enjoy about Sassy's blog is the daily dialouge between her and Phil.  Truthfully, I don't really look for the sexy stuff so much just the common everyday life stuff.  I actually am always intrigued by everyday life.  I am often most happy with the gentle banter of everyday life and the ways Sandee is able to fit into mine.

With that in mind I will steal Sassy's schtick for today and give you a "cut and paste" version of a text conversation between us just the other night.  I think it probably depicts who we are better than any hotel hook-up post.

Ryan:  Watchin any scary movies tonight?

Sandee:  No.  All geeky tonight & downloading a new book on my kindle.  Whatcha up to??

Ryan:  At the gym was playing bball earlier with my youngest now on the stairmaster

Sandee:  So that’s how you keep your bod so smokin’ hot

Ryan:  That and watching Oscar beauty tips on TMZ while I’m at the gym

Sandee:  Haha whatever

Ryan:  Speaking of are you watching the Oscars on Sunday?  I don’t think mama got nominated

 *  Note:  We saw that movie about 2 weeks ago

Sanee:  No I’m shocked

Ryan:  Some junky movie about a president and a French revolution got nominated  

Sandee:  Pffft, figures

Ryan:  I still say we need to see silver lining I’m hearing it’s THE movie to take emotional guys to

Sandee:  I agree Now any ideas where I can find an emotional guy???  ;)

Ryan:  OMG I can’t believe you said that I cry at puppies kittens and will Ferrell movies

Sandee:  Ohhhhhhh ryan… You kno I’m teasing you I’d never question your love of will

Ryan:  I still get misty when will tames the cougar in talledega nights

Sandee:  Lol poor baby

Ryan:  So what book are you reading

Sandee:  The third floor

Ryan:  What’s it about

Sandee:  Someone is hiding in a family’s house….you’d prob have nightmares

Ryan:  If it involves birds or spirits it’s not for me.  Any NASCAR?  Gotta head out, have a good night.

Sandee:  You two, good night!  :)

Sometimes silly banter is just so pleasing but is it because some things are hard to say?  Is it really bad luck or bad timing?

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