Saturday, February 16, 2013

l Have Loved You Dearly

Or "All I Need is the Air that I Breath and to Love You"

OK Ryan be careful what you ask for you might get it.  You asked the ladies what they wanted on Valentine's Day and they have spoken.  And rather than responding individually or in my comments, I'll just respond through a post.

The problem is that what I'm hearing from my female readers is that what you want is to feel special, to be listened to, to be understood.  I am hearing that diamonds are nice but if they are an after-thought and a means to an end, if they are a simple replacement for caring they have no glimmer.  A simple heartfelt note expressing our love and care for you is more meaningful than flowers or chocolate.  To be made the center of our world is what you wish for.  To know that you are in fact as essential as "the air that I breath" is the greatest gift of all.  Dare I say you want to know "that you complete me."  What we need to do is connect our thoughts into a meaningful gift that connects our emotions to who you are as a person.

Wow, simple - why didn't I think of that!

Problem is we have several key words in that paragraph above that don't mesh well with the male mind:  listening, thinking, expressing emotions, planning ahead (from something other than tickets to the Redskins game).  Yikes after that I think that $300 spa certificate sounds a bit more simple to me!  How about I just do that and let's revisit this subject next year.  You know kick the can down the road like they do in congress!   :)

Oh well, as I say marketing is a place we are taken to where opportunity meets desperation.  And therein lies why Mervis Diamonds, Vermont Teddy Bears, Russell Stover Chocolate, and your local spa make out.  You (guy that is) are desperate and that diamond is an easy opportunity to do something less than just express yourself and certainly less than anything approaching a demonstrable act of planning the connection between your thoughts and her love.

Oh well, on another note my daughter is going to her first dance tonight with a date.  The boy is the star of the school's basketball team; very smart, good looking, and can dance.  He has it all.  On Thursday he went to school early and decorated my daughter's desk with all sorts of Valentine's stuff.  When my daughter walked in everyone around the table was staring, it was like a parting of the sea when she walked in.  I could tell by the dinner conversation last night she was mortified and didn't want to talk about it.  Shannon was going on and on about how sweet and thoughtful this boy was.  My daughter was going deeper and deeper into her embarrassment.  I didn't push, I could tell she would have wished for something not so overt and over the top.  The boy will learn, he is OK.  My daughter likes him for who he is so all he needs to be is that guy.  A simple card passed under the table and a smile probably would have been better.  Well, at least we didn't announce what he did for my daughter over Facebook like one of her friend's mom did.

Hey Ryan, I noticed that you realized that the ladies were asking to be cared for, to feel special and here you are just responding to everyone on a post.  It's going to come across like one of those stupid robo-calls or some e-mail chain.  Wouldn't it be better to address each woman individually and let them know how their comment affected you and touched you personally.  How much time would that take and it would make them feel so much more special!

Probably not and thanks to the one fellow blogger who called me out on that!

Hey wait (checking crotch), I'm still a guy; this is way more cheap and efficient!  There you go!  :)

But I do love ya'll dearly.  So take a listen to this ever-cheesy ode to a man's love for his woman.  Notice he's telling her how dearly he loves her as he is getting on a boat and sailing away.  Damn guys!

And here is that Hollies song:


cammies on the floor said...

With your male mind:
listening: you clearly did this, you summed up the messages perfectly on what the females were saying, which brings me to the next one;
thinking: you did that too, not only in the summing up, but the actively deciding not to go with anything you heard (a male trait if I ever heard one);
expressing emotions: this you have in spades, from your stubborn refusal to listen, to your proclaiming what a man is and supposed to be;
planning ahead: well you did this, you solicited advice apparently, and choose to discard it. And clearly, with your own female companion(s?) you have a plan B.

If I were to be vague and clump up gender if a general manner like your post, you are most certainly male, sir, no need to check crotch. And while you profess that the above things are male-minded, you did them all; and most typical of many males, you actively decided not to give a woman what you profess you know she needs.

Despite all that, I hope you got laid, because sex is wonderful and if nothing else, it will create a happiness in your partner for a glimmer of time.

rachel-xx said...

Ryan, you are a dear. Happy Belated Valentines Day.

Jane said...

I would say make it a regular year round thing and the rest will fall into place :-) Happy Day to you all the same....