Thursday, February 7, 2013

What do you want to do with your life!

I Wanna Rock!!!

Ryan's Duets
Today I'm introducing a new concept - Ryan's Duets.  Over the next few months I will be reaching out to fellow bloggers to do a post (once a month) on a common theme that perhaps I share an interest in common with that certain blogger.  You might ask yourself "why did you choose Pony, is there something we should know about?"  The answer would be an emphatic no!  It's just Ryan-style logic.  I thought about doing something with Elle - I am so enamored with her since she placed my image into cartoon.  Then there is Kat, one of longest blog friends.  And there is Sassy who I probably chat more with than any other.  There are others too of course such as Mrs. B.  But you see if I chose any one of those ladies the others might be mad at me for not picking them.  It's kind of like that paradox when your wife asks you if her butt looks fat in a certain dress.  The truth never got us guys anywhere.  But the beauty thing is that if those women like this concept they will probably be beating down my doors to be next months Duet partner.  See my logic.  My only problem is I'm too dense to keep it too myself. 
Anyway, this month's theme is the Evolution of Men in the Age of Social Media (is social media turning us all into betas).  When I thought of this I knew Pony could do great things with the topic, it's right up his alley.
So the format is based on that ESPN show PTI.  You must know I'd never come up with anything original and it would be based on some jock show!
PTI is a fast paced show on ESPN I watch often while doing the elliptical in the gym (when I am not looking at women's asses).  Two over the hill sportswriters debate pertinent topics of the day such as the Laker's new uniforms - "fashion forward or too old school?"   So much like the show, Pony and I will espouse quickly on our point of view concerning the subject at hand.  Btw, Pony and I are way better looking than those two guys above!  Well, I assume Pony is; as for me I still have hair.  I do see Pony as Wilbon and me as Kornheiser but that's just because I think Wilbon is actually a thoughtful person and Kornheiser is just talking to see hot air coming out of his mouth!  :)

In case you were wondering, Hanna Storm has nothing to do with this post I just love a hot woman who knows more about sports than I do!

So here we go!  What's Up with Those Guys Today?
Man(guy)hood in the Age of Social Media
Where have all the Alphas gone?

PonyBoy's Take:

I'm with Ryan on this one.

Boys now a days are being brought up to be more in touch with their feminine side, but it's at the expense of their masculinity.
Feminism has been great for a lot of things in our society, I'm a man so I can't proclaim to know where they feel they are in their progress, I'm sure they have a ways to go, but feminism is what we have to thank for this.

Boys today are confused, it's to the point where if you behave in a masculine or manly way you are considered a sexist or a misogynist. The modern male needs a balance of both, but kids today don't get that from their male role models, or from what they see in the media.

When Ashton Kutcher acts like a pussy and still gets laid or gets the girl at the end of the movie, kids think they need to act like a pussy to get a girl interested in them. What that will get them is a really good friendship with a girl, and a confused girl if and when he has the balls to make a move on her.

"whoa slow down Gary, I thought we were just friends?"

Meanwhile, Gary is sitting there with a throbbing hardon, an Instagram account where he has shared his favourite meals that he has prepared, and a Pinterest account where he pins his favourite Ashton Kutcher movies and Justin Beiber songs.

So as a Father to two boys, I want them to learn that it's OK to be a man with masculine traits and behaviours, I don't want them to deny that. I also want them to accept that men today are not the men of yesterday, they need to embrace their feminine side. They need to balance the two out.

So instead of ending up like Gary, with his blue balls, hairy palms and a plethora of lame social media accounts, I hope my boys will be able to make sure women know they are friends, but not their girlfriends. If the females they hang out with want to compare Pinterest accounts I hope my boys tell them to go hang out with Suzie Suziekins if they want to do that.

But I also want my boys to be fully functional adults who are not incompetent, bumbling fools, like they see on Modern Family. They will need to learn to cook for themselves, how to do laundry, care for their children etc...

These aren't "women's skills" but life skills.

They can be masculine while still being equal with their partners.

Ryan's Take:

Oh these crazy kids today, I just don't get them!

There is a competitive pool at the gym where I work out.  During the week a few of the local high school teams work out at the pool.  I have to admit as much as the kids irritate me by clogging up the locker room I kind of enjoy having them around after a workout when I'm taking a shower.

Ooops, wait that didn't quit come out right.  None of you are judges or lawyers out there are you because that wasn't a confession or anything!  :)

No what I mean is the conversation between the teen boys are absolutely and positively hilarious if you actually can focus in on what they are talking about.

The other day I was in the shower and there were two of the high school guys in the shower stalls to my right.  They were having a conversation about their girlfriends.

It went something like this:

Guy 1:  It would be so funny if Hilly and Jilly ended up having to sit next to each other in class.

Guy 2:  Dude, why?

Guy 1:  Because Hilly is so jealous of Jilly.

Guy 2:  Dude, why?

Guy 1:  Because Jilly and I did way more than Hilly has ever thought of doing with me.

*  Now Ryan with his Gen X brain starts getting a mental image of what "doing more" means, I was wrong.

Guy 2:  Dude, that's *ucked up.

Guy 1:  Yeah, I was thinking about unblocking Jilly from my Facebook and Instagram.

Guy 2:  Dude, I think you can do that and Hilly won't know.  Jilly will then see the *hit you and Hilly are doing and like when you like something or comment on something.

Guy 1:  Yeah I think it will be cool but I really don't know with all this new Facebook *hit.  But I felt bad blocking Jilly.

*  That's your first mistake buddy regretting not letting a girl see what you are doing with another girl, but you'll learn!

This went on for some time.  It became increasingly obvious that the "way more stuff" that this guy had done to Jilly was in no way comparable to the type of stuff I'd have been doing to Jilly in my day if I was making a reference like that.

I just had to laugh as a typical high school conversation involving Ryan back in the day would go something like this:

Ryan (to his idiot friend):  What did you do this weekend

Ryan's Idiot Friend:  Me and Hilly ended up at the lake.  We drank a case of Bud and then she blew me and swallowed.

Ryan:  Sounds good, I took Jilly to Top Gun.  We sat in the back and she gave me a hand job and then she sucked me off just before the dog fight with the Russians.  We went back to her place after.  Her parents were gone so I threw her the bone up her *ss.  She screamed as I spooged all over her back.

Real guys don't Pin stuff!
Now mind you while the 80's high school vernacular is strikingly different I have to admit the actual reality of the events depicted would have probably been no more accurate than the average congressional testimonies on a typical day of C-SPAN. 

But what I have to ask of today's male youth:  where are your cojones for Christ sake!

Btw, damn that pic (to the left) looks like me!  I bet Pony would make a great Goose!   :)

Anyway, I used to do things my girlfriend wouldn't have liked either.  Hell, I still do!  It was called going to the "titty bar."  But we didn't take photographs because we didn't want to get caught.  We damn sure didn't take photos and post them on billboards all over town.  Your a guy, keep your dirty doings to yourself; nobody need know of it and the world will be a better place for the ignorance of your actions!

And for the love of god Instagram is a place for chicks to post pictures about their nails.  It ain't a place for guys to post pictures about having a family dinner at your girlfriend's grandmother's house.  I mean if it gets you layed for doing that fine, but dont' show us the pictures (of dinner that is; if you can snag some video of you throwin' it to her then hell yeah - but otherwise fugetaboutit).

I don't know but I do worry about this generation.  I guess I just feel like that evil dad from the Twisted Sister video!  Except I'm telling them to go out and chase some ladies like a real man (Rhett Butler that is).

 So what do you want to do with your life Mr. Sister!


Kat said...

You guys are hilarious! It's not social media that's making our young men Beta. Social media outlets are just tools (as are many of these young guys). Dads need to step up and teach their sons how to be men instead of letting them learn from the media, traditional and other media. Period.

Anonymous said...

True Kat, but some of these social media outlets are not helping.

cammies on the floor said...

Found the blog through Pony, and after reading your profile, I can't believe you like The Great Gatsby. I've read that at least ten times, couldn't stand it any of them.
Anyhow, two men's opinion are a rarity, so I enjoyed reading the blunt and bold perspectives, even if the thought of teenage sex (yes, I had it then, but now I have a teenager!) is nauseous. What is it teenage girls even seen in the boys? All oily and not knowing how to shower or apply deordorant properly, yuck.

Ms. B said...

I love your Ryan's Duet's! Great idea and can't wait to read more!

HA-larious! I don't know if I posted about a football I went to last year, it was UCLA vs USC. Needless to say, big game. So, I about smacked the guys behind me and it was definitely not because of what you think. If they did a little grab ass, I might have been less offended. They proceeded to talk about prenancies and how long each other their wives were in labor, their feeding routines and sleep issues for the entire time they were there! I couldn't have been more disappointed with these UCLA fans. They left early, thank god, to meet up with their wives and cook dinner. NO JOKE! It's things like that, that depress me. If I wanted pussy I would date a female. You guys are right on the money. Men should be men, respectfully so! And, for crying out loud, STAY OFF PINTEREST and INSTAGRAM!

Same sassy girl said...

Oooh! Two men in one post! Yum! Adore this concept, Ryan! I'd like to be in the midst of that! SANDWICH!

Both parts remind me of Christine Lavin's song, "Sensitive New Age Guys." Hee hee.

My crystal ball says you should fix up the Beaumont girls with Pony's boys... in about 15 years. And let the sparks fly!

Ryan Beaumont said...

@ Kat - I'm out of that argument, I have two daughters. In fact I think daughter's are a dad revenge; you get to see guys look stupid from the other side. I think the bigger issue are TV shows. All the Disney shows are the same; the wife is sassy and bossy and the dad is inept and distant. Wait, that kind of sounds like the Beaumont home (forget that).

@ Cammies - I like that picture of the Gatsby and Daisy. They are holding hands but appear to be quite distant.
@ Ms B - yeah I was at a National game last summer and the exact same thing happened. We had these awesome seats right on the field and the guys behind us were talking about the best timing for conception. Not as in, in front of the mirror, on the kitchen table, on the floor in front of the fireplace. I mean best timing as in 4 am when she's ovulating and the temperature is just right. Christ, some guys are beta even when they're screwin'

@ Sassy - I'm sure Pony's boy will be real catches some day. The problem is that I am the only boy of my generation and I had 2 girls. That means at least one of them has to marry a guy that is so beta he is willing to take on his wife's name! Something tells me Pony might not be down with that! :)