Friday, February 22, 2013

FFF - Lighten Up

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I'm sure I'm going to hell for celebrating Lent with an orgasm.  I made a clever Lenten promise giving up celibacy.

In college I helped in a church kitchen on occasion.  One night Ms. Bisset helped me keep that promise.

Ms. Bisset is what her CCD and 5th grade kids called her. Perhaps they noticed how pretty she was; though not the attributes I did.

I always stayed late to help her, I'd do anything for a moment within the gaze of her soft brown eyes.

One night those brown eyes held sadness.  After we cleaned up from the last child we were alone in that kitchen.  She said her fiancee gave her a reverse "Dear John" and ran off with some European girl.  As she spoke I fastened to her misty eyes and tears rolling down her soft cheeks.  Toward the end of her tale she leaned into me.  Now affixed to her body I could only let her remain.

We sliped back into a chair behind us.  She straddled me and planted a deep kiss to my mouth and then plunged into my neck, her hands moved to my crotch.  Soon her soft sweater was off and I was amid her luscious breasts.

Clothes scattered about and I gasped for breath as I held on as long as I could.  I wanted her to feel satisfaction as the gorgeous curves of her hips moved over mine.

After, she fell to my chest and we breathed deeply in tandem.  She remained on top of me gently massaging my chest with the tips of her fingers and holding a pensive expression on her face.  I suspect she contemplated her actions.  The warmth of our bodies balanced the coldness of the floor and it occurred to me that likewise my Lenten promise had provided her a brief spell of warmth amid the coldness of her somber mood.

Postscript: (these should not count toward my 250 words although I'm sure I exceeded anyway):

Jessie (Ms. Bisset) and I didn't have another moment like that but we do stay in touch occasionally. She married a Middle School Principle and they have a happy life together.  And I still take my Lenten promises seriously.

Well, we were not complete heretics; we didn't break into the Communion wine!  Sorry I was trying to be funny, it's always been my dream to be on!   :)

Two things to reveal about this post.  For some reason I saw this as a church kitchen.  The oven and stove definitely look commercial to me.  Yet it is not a big commercial kitchen such as a large restaurant.  I also noticed the institutional looking brick and the wood flooring that just look like they would be in an old church.  I thought perhaps this could be a small K-12 kitchen or maybe a daycare facility.  Then I thought it might not be too sexy to be having this type of activity in an elementary school.  As a parent I certainly wouldn't approve, even with my open mind.

Then I saw Sassy's post the other day and it spoke to me when she talked about Celibacy and Lent.  I made the connection and am now stealing her thunder.

What a great moral dilemma or paradox or something like that if this couple was getting it on in some church kitchen!

As for the extra credit I don't think is really a Tumblr but I like it so there!


cammies on the floor said...

This is very nice, and beauty in the way you strung the words together.

Word said...

I enjoyed your take on this. Love the whole Catholic twist. :)

Unknown said...

Oh...I laughed out loud at that first line! Such a timely post...loved it.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your take.

Advizor54 said...

I can't believe I missed commenting on this. It's a great post, a sweet take on the love we find in the middle of loss and confusion. And, may I add, a great way to celebrate Lent. Maybe next year....