Friday, May 17, 2013

FFF - Her Smile

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I've been feeling like a real pest this week so I pinged Advizor on Wednesday morning to bug him about FFF.  I'm glad I did.  I've been carrying a song about LA in my head for a few days.  Odd thing is, it's a bluegrass song (listen here).  I sorta wanted to use the song and was hoping to steer him in certain direction.  He was nice enough to ask me for suggestions for this week's picture.  I picked the one below.  I then started to think about what I would write.  The song above "It's Raining in LA" is such a melancholy song that once I studied the picture I wasn't seeing a connection.  The picture below is very cute, sweet, and playful and deserves a happy ending (if you know what I mean).  Of course any time you have a beach scene and a happy ending you need a Beach Boys song for the backdrop.  So let's think about that Beach Boys song "Don't Worry Baby" as you are reading.  Btw Advizor the intro above doesn't count toward my 350 words (like I'll keep to that anyway)!

Guys should keep our mouths shut.  I spent summers in California, living with my dad and working as a Life Guard.  Though a good swimmer, something about my Midwest upbringing made surfing impossible for me.

That summer I finally started getting it.  It was about balance and feeling the surf through your toes and body.  But I could never compete with those guys who grew up with it in their blood.

That summer I also met Jeanie.  She was a spitfire, nothing gave her pause.  The surf guys wanted her if they only could catch up.  Maybe she decided to like me because the surf guys didn't impress her.  A skinny kid from the Midwest who dabbled in surfing but dreamed of being a writer was a turn-on.  Who knows, something attracted her to me other than my surfing.

The surfing did bring us together.  She did it for the thrill and I did it for the spirituality or truth or whatever it was I found riding the energy of the waves.  For some reason I found truth out there as I wobbled along.  I would never win competitions but something made me realize everything else that followed in life would make more sense now that I had ridden nature.

But Jeanie was one of the "surf-guys."  I was sure the key to winning her completely was being one of them.

So one day I went out to the Wedge with the surf pack.  This was hallowed surf for these guys. They wanted to show me up and show Jeanie that I didn't belong.

They hung-10 and I was hung out to dry, failing miserably.

After getting smashed into the break I waded out to retrieve my board.  I felt like walking all the way to Hawaii and never coming back.

In disgust I looked back but my frown quickly turned to a smile when I saw Jeanie walking into the surf behind me.  Her smile shone bright under the glare of the afternoon sun.

"Brian," she said.  "You know I don't care about those guys.  They are all show anyway, they don't really care about it the way I do.  You might fall off a lot but you get it and that's why I like you."

"But I'll never be like those guys you grew up with who can ride any wave."

"But Brian," she said.  "They don't make me want to do this," as she took off her bikini top.  "No matter what happens out there in the surf there is only one guy I want to be in bed with tonight."

In the background I heard a subtle cacophony of male voices chiming in "dude, you mean all I have to do is suck at surfing and Jeanie will show her tits?  Dude that ain't right!"

"Don't worry baby, everything will turn out alright...."

Now take a deep breath and enjoy some summer relaxation with the Beach Boys and here's to the Endless Summer!  And to Dick Dale and the Wedge.

Sorry Ad, I think I went over 400 but I did say what was happening on the beach.  As for me I have not had sex on the beach, unless you count drink shots!  But here are some links:


Same sassy girl said...

Ah, a smart woman. Yes! Thanks for getting Advizor54 to use a photo with a man in it. :) Great take! So fun FFFing with you!

CuriousRob said...

Man, reading 400 words took for-EV-er!

Hehe, just kidding. I like your take on it, and Jeanie sounds like my kind of gal!

Advizor54 said...

Sassy, if you want a picture with a man in it, you are going to like next week's selection. A friend picked it out for me, said it was one of her favorites....

And Thanks for bugging me Ryan, somedays the muse speaks, and other days you have to slap her around a bit to get her talking. I liked this picture too, it was happy, and I usually don't do happy.

Beach Boys Rock!

Thanks for joining in and helping out!

Word said...

Odd man out gets the girl. I like it. Great story, good music!

Lusting Lola! said...

Great story. Jeanie sounds fun and real. :)

Anonymous said...

This story made me smile, especially the ending with the surfer guys' comments. Love your music selection, as usual. :-)