Thursday, May 9, 2013

Kat's Chain - And Many Fantasies Were Learned on that Day

The Sexual Bucket List

So I'm a cut to the chase sort of guy so here is the real Ryan bucket list.  It involves sweaty energetic sex with a uniquely feline lady.  I'll give you a hint - her name starts with a K and ends with a T and rhymes with bat and hat!  :)

Ah that cleavage looks familiar!
I can't say I'm a big fan of the Human League.  That song "Don't You Want Me Baby" has sort of stuck with me as symbolic as I've felt a certain Svengali relationship with Shannon similar to the relationship depicted in that song.  But really I imagine Kat as looking like Joanne Catherall, one of the lead singers in the group.  And if you watch the video of the song Fascination (lyrics above/video below) it does look like you are plunging into a big Orange vagina as the video starts!

Maybe that's my fantasy bucket list to have a retro-80's dance party in Kat's vagina!  But now I be trippin'. :)

So what would be on Ryan's sexual bucket list?

It would be too sad to say he wants to have passionate sex with Shannon once more like they did before, though it would be true.  Oh if he could have one more chance to have those beautiful sleek legs wrapped around him he would be such a happy man!

It would be too shallow to say he'd like just once more to experience 20-something sex with one of those girls at the gym if only to see the bounce back action of a 20-something well toned ass.  Yes, he can't help but think about it.  And oh how that one fitness instructor does flirt - temptation!  Yes Ryan does anything for her, he is putty in her hand.

It would be way creepy to say he'd like to meet up and hook up with someone as Ryan Beaumont and to have a complete sexual liaison in that persona far separate from his own.  But that would seem like Catfishing or Flyfishing or some bad thing he shouldn't do.  But tempt him still and he might.

It would be very true that he would love to run away for a weekend at the beach with Sandee where they wouldn't have to watch the clock and worry if someone might wonder why they weren't at work this afternoon.  But when and how could that happen.

If any or all of those things could happen Ryan might be satiated for a time.  If Ryan could be satiated perhaps he could settle down and not be so restless.  Perhaps he could just watch a sunset and enjoy the moment.

Yes, there is the bucket list!  To be Satiated.

Ryan would like for a moment to be sexually satiated.  For there are only two moments better than the point of orgasm.  One is the moment just prior as your stomach gets that going down the hill roller coaster sensation.  The other is just after as you are satisfied and in that blissful moment when nothing really matters.  It is in those moments after sexual satiation when pizza tastes a little better, the wine a little sweeter, the sunset a bit more vivid.

If you could be satiated for a moment wouldn't you then be ready to kick the bucket?

Nah, I still want to do K*t.  I've not done a threesome either so let's throw in Cara for good measure!  :)

OOHHHH, and chocolate chip cookies after!!!!!!!!!!

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Agreed, there is no better feeling.