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May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

I know, I know a movie quote rather than a song!  Well I did hear that Beatles song Ob La Di the other night and was considering that song.  You know "Ob la di, ob la da life goes on ....."  But as I often do I looked up the lyrics to make sure I had them right and I saw the lyrics were "ob la di, ob la do life goes on bra; la la how the life goes on."  I got to thinking that Molly must have a ginormous rack to fit a whole life into her bra!  I guess Desmond must be a tit guy!  But I'm more of a legs and butt guy so I didn't think that worked for me.  Besides as the song goes on "Desmond stays at home and does his pretty face and in the evening she's a singer in the band."  And that just sounded unfair to me!  Then again maybe I'm taking those lyrics to literally?!

But I'm getting away from myself now, let me get back on track!

So why am I quoting from the Hunger Games today?  Well it's not because I'm hungry - for sure!  I'll let you in on a secret, Ryan cooks a great Turkey over the holidays and I've certainly not been suffering over the last few days from lack of nutrition.

Anyway, the opening of the Hunger Games got me to thinking about Sandee last month just before those holidays began to set in.  We always enjoyed escaping to the theatre and taking in a movie on a slow afternoon, we are both kind of movie buffs.  We had seen the first Hunger Games movie together.  I wanted to see part II but something didn't feel exactly right about seeing it if I were not with Sandee.  But we had decided to part ways amicably before things got too complicated.  But, as with Katniss, even though I long for the uncomplicated life I always seem to find a way to complicate things.

Wait, I've been meaning to ask a question of my audience today.

So let me get a show of hands out there, how many of you thought I was done with Sandee?


You guys have obviously not been reading this blog!  Have you not noticed how gullibly tenacious I am!

Well, let's start with some housekeeping, my last Sandee post is (HERE).

I didn't exactly beg her not to leave but I did say "hope to hear from you soon."

The next day I got this:

Hey you :) 

I was a little surprised to hear back from you. Pleasantly of course, but I didn't expect it. I love a good surprise :)
LOL @YouTube clip ... :-D

Ok..back to the serious stuff (putting on serious pants) 
I think I might of thrown off some points that were misinterpreted. So I think I have some 'splainin to do.... 

Firstly; I'm glad to hear you've been too busy to be terminally heartbroken over my declaration of separation. I never wanted you to feel sad, bad, glad, or mad; so I'm relieved to hear that you've been chill about the whole thing. Never doubted for a second  that you wouldn't be :)) And it's  endearing to hear you don't even miss our visits! Lol!! Nice!  :) But I've missed being in touch with you, too. How couldn't I ?? You've been my favorite security blanket for awhile now. And that may have been unfair of me to place that on you, but you were there when I needed you most and that's something I will cherish forever. 

Secondly; I never wanted to imply that I was holding you to some deadline. Honestly,  I knew/know where you're at, and like I said, never expected you to alter your life for me. And I mean that. The fact that you DIDN'T make a change speaks loudly and it shows where your devotion lies. Right where it should be with the life and family you have . So I honor your decision and respect you for it. :) 

As for me, I was only trying to make a point that I couldn't continue in a FWB, situation. Not being in or out ...kinda just floating around in limbo-water in the river of "where am I/where are we going", is a confusing place to be. But that's just me. (Did I use enough metaphors there??) I came across this quote and I love it:

"How can we end up at a destination, if we don't know, or can't make up our mind, where we are headed. "
So Lastly, that Segue's nicely into my final  point. (And if I'm interpreting correctly) you did a good job of explaining that you are totally cool with "just" friends. And I would never NOT  consider you a friend. I realllllly adore you as a person, Ryan. I do. So to have you out of my life forever would be a loss I wouldn't particularly enjoy experiencing .  But you survived without me a couple of years ago, I'm sure you would manage just fine :) 

So. To summarize : 
 We cool.
  We be friends forever. 
    And unless we serendipitously see each other again, we'll be content to check in from time to time just to make sure the other is behaving, keeping the fun-muscles in shape, and maybe even offer up dating tips when the other wants to get their freak, on. Pen Pals 2.0. :) 

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to write out your thoughts. A glimpse into the complex psyche of Ryan is always a treat . ;) 
:) (contented - at peace, smile) 
My first thought was - "wow, that's a lot from Sandee; she never writes that much!"  My second thought was - "dang, she is just so darn cool; maybe too cool!"  My third thought was - "complex psyche of Ryan? Really?  Lord if she only knew the low wattage energy efficient light bulbs that  actually inhabit this brain she would laugh!"  And so I replied thusly:

I'll write more later but it was so good to hear from you.  But I am writing back immediately because you threw down the quote gauntlet and how could I not respond in quote to your quote!
From Alice in Wonderland:  "if you don't know where you are going any road will get you there..."
From the Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane:  "Perhaps you would like to be lost with us.  I have found it much more agreeable to be lost in the company of others.
And of course as I have said, from the movie Less Than Zero:  “But this road doesn't go anywhere," I told him.  "That doesn't matter."  What does?" I asked, after a little while.  Just that we're on it, dude," he said.
I am not sure where I have been going the last two years but I am glad the road took me to you and that we travelled on many roads together.  Perhaps we have been lost together and it was oh so agreeable to be in the company of you.  In the end, to me, it didn't matter where we were going just that we were going there together.  How could going anywhere with a gorgeous and wonderful (sometimes flaky) blond with the wind blowing threw her beautiful hair not be the loveliest time of one's life, dude!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ha85D6hE9Fg (Preview)

Except I'm not really planning on leaving so much!  :)

Yeah, take that Sandee!  Don't ever try to out-quote the quote master!!!!   :)

But I really did miss her.  I just missed the camaraderie, the gladness I had when I thought about taking her to a movie because we both love Will Ferrell or she loves horror movies.

As we got deep into fall the build-up to Hunger Games - Catching Fire was everywhere and it reminded me that we saw that movie together during better times.  I so wanted to return to those times.
And so when that next Hunger Games movie did come out I just had to take the lady I had gone to the first Hunger Games movie; I'm just that type of guy (movieogamous).
Perhaps she looks like Helen
I have to admit a smile immediately broke across my face and I gasped just a little when I pulled up and saw her through the windows of her car, those beautiful long wavy blond flocks cascading across her lovely shoulders.
We bought our tickets and sat near the back of the theatre and the commercials started soon after.  I took it easy at first just a few "how've you been's."  But as the movie started and I caught the fragrance of her hair and gently felt the soft sweater she wore my body instinctively edged over to her ever so slowly.  I believe the gravity of our attraction was balanced as by mid-movie we leaned into one another shoulder to shoulder.
Wait Ryan, your last Sandee post was last October and the Hunger Games just came out a little while ago.  Your timeline doesn't seem to match up so well.
Hmmmm...., well maybe you are right.  Maybe she did break things off in September and maybe I did write back in late September and maybe we had met for a few walks over the course of the fall.
But we did see the Hunger Games and it was a great show.

For now though - Happy New Year and let's hope all of us experience many good tales to tell over the coming year!



Oh, "and (I guess) if you want some fun take ob la di la da!"
(love the Mariachi band!)

ohhhhh..., I like this version too (Gwen totally does it for me)!

OMG, and then I find this!
See, I'm easily distracted...  :)
Btw, da Prez doesn't have very good moves in this vid; but I still like him!


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