Friday, April 15, 2011

FFF - The Gathering Dark

Lily came to NYC an ambitious young artist.  Most from home in Carolina said “you’re crazy,” but said “if anyone will make it, it’s you!”

Like many aspiring artists, reality dictated she join the “yellow” collar world of the waiter/barista.

But on that particular evening ambition intersected with desire at a trendy art gallery.

Her catering job got her through the doors; her willowy figure caught the eye of the hot young sculpture. 

And now, after several Cosmopolitans at an after-hours club, she sat in front of that artist contemplating life.  The artist seemed interested in her work saying he would stop by her flat some time to see it.  Was this a break or was it a line to get her into bed?

She could easily just go home and make a living painting murals in those McMansions outside of Charlotte and probably marry a lawyer.  But in the gathering dark of his studio she knew that fate was about to commit her image to his clay and perhaps her body to his flesh.


Max said...

Nice story in just a few words. Decisions decisions....

Happy FFF!

Katia said...

McMansions...loved it. :) Good story.

Word said...

I think this is my favorite this week. Lovely stuff.