Wednesday, April 20, 2011

If There's Something You'd Like to Try Ask Me I Won't Say No, How Could I?

So I heard this song the other night and thought some Smith’s lyrics would be nice?  As I have said before I like listening to XM Radio First Wave and particularly to Richard Blade.  I think he called Morrissey “the Pope of mope.”  Or was it Robert Smith of the Cure?  I can’t remember now but it doesn’t matter because this isn’t a mopey post!

You know, I’ve allowed myself to go a month without updating my Sandra story which was my latest Ashley Madison Adventure.  And, of course, that was the whole point of starting a blog in the first place.  Funny how having so much fun can take you in so many directions that never occurred to you in the first place.  As Joe Pesci said in Casino "we're supposed to be robbin' this place, you dumb frickin'...;" oh well I guess I forgot my mission statement so to speak!  I guess I now know why Riff Dog talks about so many things that have nothing to do with chasing SoCal ladies.  J

So maybe once again I should reintroduce Sandra or click here if you want to go back.  I met Sandra through AM in early July.  Although she was not entirely accurate on her AM profile she is a gorgeous woman in her late 40’s and says she is a trophy wife.  And now I was aiming to make her my trophy.  She was an airline stewardess in an earlier life and simply has a big, warm, and confident personality.  I believe I described her as a bit like Samantha on Sex and the City.  She dresses immaculately with an eye on retro-dresses like the ladies of Mad Men but is very laid back, just perfect for me.

By mid-August we had met 4 times for lunch or dinner along with several phone conversations and frequent e-mails but time had never been on our side.  At this point the most that had happened was a very enjoyable and relaxing conversation and some very enjoyable kissing in a car on a secluded spot off a country road (which are many in my part of the world).  The main point though was time with her was very relaxing and didn’t ever feel like a test.

So as we had another lunch date in late August with no available time after for an intimate getaway I was a bit concerned that I might screw this up.  Despite my earlier AM success that I described here most of my female experiences were instances of “grabbing defeat out of the jaws of victory.”  Yep, old Ryan has talked himself out of bed more often than he has into bed.  J

But as we enjoyed lunch I knew we had that vibe.  Sandra complimented me on my shirt (a dark Hunter green paired with dark khaki slacks) and said again that I was “a handsome devil” with a smile.

Toward the end of lunch Sandra blushed a bit and said “you know dear we are going to have to consummate this soon if we want to call this a proper affair.”  I have to say I blushed a bit too and had to hold back a big Cheshire Cat style grin.

Yes, this was looking good and next week didn’t look too bad on the old work scene for me and as luck would have it, the proverbial “cat was away” so this mouse was ready to play!  Sandra was delighted when I suggested that I prepare an intimate indoor picnic for our next meeting.

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Yum, indoor picnic!!! Can't wait to read it.