Saturday, April 16, 2011

There's a Stain on my Notebook Where Your Coffee Cup Was

OK, so I got on a political kick earlier this week and like a drug addict I can't stop now because in addition to enjoying the sport of Ashley Madison I love the sport of politics.  Hopefully I won't rock the boat too much here but I just have to rant.

So with all the things going on in the world here is something really big and really important (read link below):

GOP, Dems Trade Barbs Over House Cafeteria Coffee Cups

Yes, apparently the House Republicans continuing to display a lack of taste have decided to remove the recycled paper cups of the Nancy Pelosi days from the cafeteria and replace with cheaper styrofoam cups.

So I really want to hear what people are thinking!

For me I am simply outraged!!!!

Don't they know how SUCKY coffee tastes with that residual styrofoam infused flavor!  I mean this is big folks, coffee flavor is at stake!  Call your congressman NOW!

Washington, God love it!


France said...

I have no clue what this is about, but when it comes to coffee or sex, I'm on board! Coffee belongs in a coffee mug.

Mick Collins said...

First, gotta love any Squueze quote.

Second, those idiot Republicans are so determined to show that they are above "political correctness" that they are happy to injest as much styrofoam as it takes.


Ryan Beaumont said...

Thanks for noticing the Squeeze lyrics!