Monday, April 25, 2011

Oh My God Becky, Look at Her Butt

So I am experimenting with an auto-post.  Hopefully while your reading this I will be by a pool in sunny Florida!  But if it doesn't, I am signing off my computer and getting ready to leave the office for the day and heading to the airport for sunny Florida!

Either way I wanted to leave you with something while I was gone.

First, I want to again thank Kat for her kind words on her blog the other week.  I can't tell you what a boost to the ego any compliment can be but that was very special.

And the whole concept of "Favorite Bad Boy Blogs" was very intriging to me.  I thought, perhaps I should do something similar, I am a shamless copy cat you know.  What?  Me write a blog about MY favorite bad boy blogs?  No, I didn't mean that - I meant I should display a list of my favorite "Bad Girl Blogs."

So I started to rank my favorites in my mind 1, 2, 3, etc, etc.  And then something from the dark recesses of my brain clicked.  At first just a whisper and then the full extent of my male experiences with 15 years of marriage kicked in.

Yeah, ranking my favorite female blogs kind of feels like Shannon asking me "does my butt look big in this skirt" or "do you really think I am as pretty as Kate Winslet or are you just sayin' that."

Yes, I have learned over the years silent and stupid are always the best plays in the guy playbook!  Silent and stupid may not win any awards but it will keep you out of a lot of trouble!  :)  And I am an ace at stupid!

So, who are my favorite "Bad Girl Blogs?"  Well, just look at my profile (link at top right of page) and check out who I follow and those are it.  I try to comment on blogs as much as possible to let people know I care as well because I do.

And for the lady bloggers I follow out there.  Please know that you are all special to me in your own unique and individual way.  And though I may look at several butts (oops, I mean blogs) every day know that when I am looking at your butt (sorry, I mean blog) that you are the singular focus of my heart and soul!   :)




GoodWill said...

Haha...i'm fairly new to your blog, but you are clearly a wise, wise man for not singling out certain blogs, when you are certain to leave out important ones.

France said...

That's a very wise move on your part. :)