Monday, April 9, 2012

'Cause When the Feelin's Right I'm Gonna' Run all Night

I am a pretty pragmatic guy and sometimes that can get very frustrating for those around me who want a straight up or down vote.  For instance when Shannon and I occasionally go to a fancy restaurant she will say how lovely the Caprese Salad was or what an excellent Creme Brulee they had.  She will ask me and I'll say it was OK but I'm not sure I'd go back.  Puzzled she will ask why (in her mind the food was excellent) and I'll say that I've had Creme Brulee at such and so and the bill didn't come to $150.  In my mind I'm always gauging the total (food and service) experience relative to the cost, etc.  I guess I value value over experience.  Yes, I'm not the perfect person to live with either.

Sorry, couldn't do the sock only pic
What does that have to do with anything though?  Well I think I told you Sandee liked cheesy 80's music.  One of those times I was telling old stories about myself I told her about seeing Bryan Adams in concert.  Now you young "hipsters" are saying "who cares."  Well first, I really went to see Inxs (they opened for him and they were awesome); and second, if I remember correctly I was going with a group that included some hot girls!  Surprisingly though, I really enjoyed Bryan Adams.  He had tremendous energy on stage, is a pretty decent guitar player, and did a few unexpected things like a Beatles montage.  The thing is pound for pound (and along with Inxs of course) it was the 2nd best concert I have ever attended.  Btw, the best I've ever seen was the Foo Fighters opening for the Red Hot Chili Peppers (AWESOME)!  The worst - Matchbox 20.  All they had on stage was a big cheesy tie-dyed blanket behind the drum set and they basically went through their set like an album - completely pointless to pay to see it even if you are a fan.

So what's the point?  Sometimes you can be satisfied, maybe even delighted, with something that is surprisingly better than expected (Bryan Adams).  And sometimes that which you think you will likely enjoy you don't because they just go through the motions (Matchbox 20).  I could probably string that thought out on life or marriage but I better get back to my main point of today.

So how does this related to Sandee?  It doesn't, I was just like pawning off a quick paragraph on food and music on you before I get to the stuff you really want to read, call it blogging sodomy!    :)

Hey I bet you would never guess that I've seen Nellie and the St. Lounatics and Ludarcris in concert as well!  Oh well, those should be other stories, let's get on to Sandee.

So now that we have met Sandee surely our second visit involves sweat, multiple orgasms, tantric positions, and a cheap hotel room, Right?!

Not quite, I hate to tell you folks we are just getting started with this story.  And if you think strange has left the building just wait - we have plenty of silly, strange, crazy, and even scary events yet to come!

But first, upon leaving that little Country Inn we did tentatively decide to meet the following week.  In fact over the next three weeks we met several times.

For our next date we met to go for a walk in a local historic park; I packed some PBJ's and some other snacks (that's Peanut Butter and Jelly, not a Puny Blow Job - get your mind out of the gutter)!  It was a lovely day; sun still shining but the coolness of fall moving in.  Again, everything went fine.  Sandee did keep me on my toes and I was a little unsure if she was "digging" me so to speak.  In an e-mail the day before she had told me she was going to a museum over the weekend.  Of course, in making conversation I ask "so what are you doing over the weekend?"  She replied "are you kidding?"  Oh well, I guess I recovered enough for her to agree to see me the following week.

The next Monday we met and took a long walk along a nearby lake.   The following Friday we met for breakfast and then drove to this park I know that overlooks the Potomac.  To that point I had not really tried anything physically affectionate so I figured this is date #4 I better do something or this is going to friendshipville.  I did put my arm around her but didn't press any further though she did not shy from the touch.

The next Monday we met again for a walk at the lake - this was almost getting to be a routine.  It was very nice but I was worried that I was missing my opportunity.  I made myself be bold and assertive before and that is what had gotten me places.  Now for some reason I was going back to "nice guy getting no pussy syndrome."  I had to slap myself out of this or else I was sure to grab failure out of the jaws of victory.

But first, we had to this point only done things that I had suggested and she had mentioned several times now "when are we going kayaking?"  It was a big hobby of hers.  I had said that I had been kayaking before, which is not a lie I have been ocean kayaking twice.  However, I probably was embellishing for affect as I described it to her.

Regardless, before we do anything else I decided that I needed to do something she suggested.  I wanted to be the kind of guy that was willing to try things for her.  This might work.

At any rate, kayaking is great excise and likely to be fun.  What could possibly go wrong!

Also I did truly enjoy spending time with her.  She is quite easy on the eyes as they say and very fun to be with.  Yes, she had called me out on some things but she is a very kind soul.

Boy would I ever run to Lysette Anthony!
She was hot in Krull also!
This is actually a pretty good Ashley Madison song!

"It wouldn't hurt her if she didn't know, 'cause...
When it gets too much
I need to feel your touch
I'm gonna run to you
I'm gonna run to you"


Same sassy girl said...

Whenever a guy says "What could possibly go wrong?" I get this really bad feeling - like Han Solo in "Star Wars" before the big reveal. You did that on purpose, didn't you? Arrrgh.... I hope you didn't drown!

Cara Janes said...

Are you kidding me?!?!? That's all you got for us? :-(
On another note. I loved the first part of the story where you're comparing the relative price of the meal against the experience. I'm exactly the same and I think I drive Kat nuts with it. She asks me "when are we going to get together?" and I wonder how much it's going to cost. Even worse than that, is that she almost always pays the whole bill, or at the least, offers to pay for it! Gosh, I hope that doesn't make me a bad friend...

Rosie said...

You, dear Beau, are the heir to the Dog. I do wonder and worry about him, and miss him. But you certainly do fill the void. Thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

As an aside, INXS was the first concert I ever went to, still one of my faves.

And as a Canadian I feel the need to tell you that Bryan Adams, while successful, is still a bit of an embarrassment. Kind of like Nickelback today.

Ryan Beaumont said...

@ Sassy - I'm a great swimmer I would never drown

@ Cara - You are a great friend. PWK writing is awesome but trust me you drive a lot of those hits! :)

I don't mind spending a lot of $'s on dinner but I just want to be wowed. Like prowling - I always pay for the room - what's $90 bucks among friends when you are having a good time. But I want things to be special!

@ Rosie - thanks! Unfortunately I will never truly be him because I don't have any old Hendrix guitars or Pete Best drum sticks in my office! Or a bowl full of candy bars.

@ Pony - he may be an embarassement but he is OK in concert and certainly good with the right company which I had! Remind me to tell you about my Nickelback story some time! :)