Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Um bu bu bum da de

Or Why can't we give love that one more chance

Btw, this is actually my 200th1st post!

Actually it is not.  I tend to write about 2 weeks ahead so Monday's scheduled 199th and today's scheduled 200th post were written a long time ago and scheduled in auto post.  I had purposefully held off on any TMI's or FFF's to time the posts accordingly as I was intending on making some goofy points (see my last post).  But I woke up this past Sunday and felt foolish (or maybe it was the fact that I love to post on Holidays because let's face it I'm foolish on most days) and could not hold off on writing that post thus making today's post in fact my 201st which is in direct contrast to the point I was trying to make Monday.  But two things come to mind:  1) who's counting and 2) I'm always contradicting myself anyway.

But it actually relates to my point today regarding blogging which I'll get to after I digress for a bit more.

First thing though the lyric title above is in fact from the Queen song NOT that Vanilla Ice song.   The Vanilla Ice song goes dot dah dah dah dah dah dah (it's not even close).  Although I do remember driving down A1A with Chelle back in the day!

I was thinking about Riff the other day.  I remember that he said the original concept for his blog was kind of a way to talk about his exploits to the guys and maybe share some best practices and some "how to's" so to speak.  But later he realized that women were really diggin' the blog.  In fact I am sure if you had gone through his followers and comments you would have found way more females.

So on another plane but along the same rationale I was talking to Kat about a blogging award.  I was going to nominate 6 but she wanted to nominate one of my six.  The 6th was the one male blog I was going to nominate.  So in the end I nominated all female blogs and she nominated mostly male blogs.  I chalked it up to us both being sluts and she concurred!   :)

OK, another dimension on these multi-planes of logic for which I promise to tie together at the end if you will keep following me.  So, since all these Sandee posts I've been chatting up a few 20-something bloggers.  Now, I say this in the most respectful way - to be honest I doubt any of this chatting will lead to any "hook-ups" over at the J.W. Marriott on Pennsylvania Avenue.  Although if any of you are interested I could tell you about a great story about me and that property many years ago!  But my main point to this and the others above is that you never know where any of this will go.  :)

Oh wait 2 more things:

1.    One of my all time favorite movies is Less Than Zero, I've mentioned it a few times in my blog - the archtypal Gen X movie (a must see for all of us 30/40 somethings).  Within that movie is one of the greatest quotes of all time and I paraphrase a bit here "this road doesn't go anywhere..... that doesn't matter dude just that we're on it."

2.    Back to my Diversity Symposium from the other week.  There are 3 types of stress:  1) Inevitable stress (e.g. death and taxes), 2) imposed stress (someone gave it to you and you accepted it), and 3) chosen stress (and don't forget you chose it).  Try to make sure you don't worry so much about #1 (only worry about things you can control), avoid #2 at all cost (trust me it's no fun to step in #2 so don't choose it unless it will do something for you down the road which let's face it how often does #2 bring you pleasure :), and focus on #3 and more importantly why you chose it.

I'm not even sure it I know what I'm trying to say now????  Do you?

OK I think it is this.  This blogging thing is really fun.  But how to keep it fun and not flame out.  I see so many people try it and then they go "balls to the wall" with posts out every three hours.  Sooner or later they burn out.  If you look at my "play list" to the right you will see a pretty consistent, steady pattern.  Kind of like my golf game "dead, solid, perfect" and right down the fairway every time!  Ryan, that's bullsh*t your tee shots hook more then Heidi Fleiss and you believe a 3-putt is cause for celebration!  OK, so my point is I do enough to make it fun but not so much to make it homework.

So my points today because you know I always have to have bullet points:

*     Decide ahead of time what is reasonable and do that and no more.  If it's one post per week, per day, or per month do that and don't go over.  As Dave Chapelle once said "if it ever get's more expensive than the price you name - get out."
*     Keep it fun.  Even when you are writing about something painful make sure you are better for having told the story.  Poke some fun at yourself.  Chances are someone out there has a similar experience and you will be able to laugh or cry with them now.
*     Meet new people and put yourself where you don't feel comfortable - you may learn something.
*     Be flexible.  If you plan for your 200th post on Monday don't be afraid to do something different on Sunday if it tickles your funny bone.  Again, if you get inflexible you kind of get outside of the reason for blogging in the first place.
*    Comment on other people's blogs!  We all live for the mental candy of feedback.  And comments are actually a great way to promote your blog and further your on-line persona.  Actually comments and reaction to comments on his blog was one of the big ways that Riff interacted with his audience and thus one of the most poignant ways he achieved such success.

*     And most importantly when you are blogging make sure you don't feel "Under Pressure" but most importantly as they say in the song "give love one more chance!"

I'll get back to Sandee next week after a food post on Friday.


Gertie said...

Great tips about stress, pressure, and the notion that this business of blogging is what you make of it and that should include being enjoyable. :)

Good Luck with those 20 something bloggers!

Cara Janes said...

Congrats on your 201st post! I love your blog and can't wait to find out how the Sandee thing plays out! I'm dying to find out what happens.

Anonymous said...

20-something bloggers are the best kind of bloggers. :D