Monday, April 23, 2012

She Knows What She Knows

So to keep with that kissing theme I started last Thursday how about we move onto that famous kissing song "Lips Like Sugar" by Echo and the Bunnymen.  Wow, I remember driving around with Renee once a long time ago in my car on our way to lunch somewhere and that song came on.  She started singing to it with her long dark hair blowing from the wind of her open window.   She was so hot; god I wanted her so bad.  I still wonder if I should have tried something.

Back in the day when those Indie bands still made those small 12" EP records Echo and the Bunnymen released Lips Like Sugar as a single along with their awesome cover of that Doors song "People are Strange" that was on the Soundtrack to the Lost Boys.  Oh those Late 80's college days gone by.....

The song "Lips Like Sugar" is about a very attractive and seductive woman that is a tease.  To date Sandee had certainly often played that role.  Would she continue to do that?  Would she up the ante?  Or might I just get lucky?

"She'll be my mirror, reflect what I am.  A loser and a winner, the King of Siam...."

Damn, that's a hot song.

Oh, back to reality.  Yes, so after that lovely wine date we followed up the next week with lunch and perhaps another walk.

Not us thus far  :(
I know, I know you're saying stop it Ryan if I want a "dime" store romance I can go to Rite Aid.  Of course my musing are free.  But of course you say the Rite Aid novel has a hot picture of Fabio with some big chested chic who's fleecy gown is blowing off in the wind revealing her cleavage.  OK, OK, I get it - you are looking for something HOT.  Let's see what we get today.

Well it started off as normal as all of our other dates.  We had set a standard of meeting at a Shopping Center parking lot or at this Country Inn and then driving together from there.  Today we met at the Country Inn and were going on a short drive to a diner I knew for lunch and then probably a walk.

Lunch went fine.  Sandee was starting to open up a bit about her life.

Her husband did seem like a controlling jerk.  He was in fact 12 years older than her as she previously told me.  But the +12 made him mid-50's instead of mid-40's as she originally implied.  In addition to being a jerk apparently he had let himself go as well, didn't do any housework, and expected her to cook for him every night, etc.  She said "we haven't done anything (sex) in forever."  She followed that with "he hates me" and that she thought he might be having an affair as well.  I told her we needed to get he and Shannon together, they would be one caustic couple.  She laughed.

After lunch, we had a lovely walk and spent a good portion of it holding hards.  Insert "puking" here if needed.  There was a brief kiss along the trail but time was getting a little late and I had to get back for a meeting.

So we drove back to the Country Inn.

I unbuckled my seatbelt and started to get out but lingered a moment to see what openings might arise.  Sandee said "you look hot, I love that tie," as she reached out to touch it and then softly patted it against my chest.  Yes, I have been known to be a bit reactive in the romance department at times enjoying the woman to make the first move.  Maybe it's just my ego (probably).

Regardless, I took that as the invitation I was looking for.  I moved in for a deep kiss.  After a few moments I kissed down her neck, over her shoulders, and onto her cleavage.  I also moved my hands that had previously been on her knees slowly up her thigh to her just between her legs.  Her hand slipped to the back of my head as she pulled me closer.  I gently pressed my tongue to hers and she pressed back even more vigorously.  She slid closer so that as we kissed our chests were pressed together.

And then she pulled back slightly and said the six most beautiful words in the English language "we need to get a room!"

Oh baby, you don't need to tell me twice

"Lips Like Sugaaaaahhhhh, Sugahhhhh kisses!!!!!!"

Ryan has a plan now and next week we are going to execute another indoor picnic!  Surely there won't be any more teases to this story!    :)


Elle said...

bow chicka wow wow...

WestsideTori said...


Speaking of Fabio, funny things happen where I live. One day I'm driving and a guy is jaywalking and I stop to let him pass, and who is it that flashes me a "thank you" smile? Yep. Another time we're going to dinner (me and my husband, not me and Fabio)and we park our car, a Range Rover pulls up and who gets out of the car ALONE and flashes those pearly whites? Yep again. Do ya think he's following me?....
I didn't think so either. Damn.

Rosie said...

NO, no Picnic! Get a room. You are mistaking the purpose of Ashley Madison. You have a gentlemanly way about you, which is nice, but certainly I've never met anyone who didn't DEMAND sex on the second meeting.

Red Shoes said...

I LOVE that version of 'People Are Strange!'

Sex on the second meeting?

Of course!!


Ryan Beaumont said...

@ Ahhhhh Elle, you always know just the right things to say!!!

@ Tori - I think he is following you and I think you have a romance novel now - When He Came to Me

@ Hey Rosie - I said "indoor picnic," get it! :)

@ Shoes - I actually have always like covers, I think it is an interesting way for an artist to express oneself through what they listen to and like.