Friday, September 7, 2012

FFF Fetlock

FFF is back at Ram the Sun Lover's Blog!

"In this life I've seen everything I can see, woman!"

I was just an apprentice jockey, no more than a stable boy.  But back then I had a better chance of riding that big black horse in the stakes than she did, even though she was the true equestrian.  But she had pluck and courage and one damn fine body.  If it took getting the label "the Lady Godiva of Pimlico" to get a ride she would do it.  And that was her plan.  So when she went out to exercise Big Black she went straight from the Paddock to the lake and without a stitch of clothes.

Yeah, she told me about the stunt ahead of time.  I made sure that ELO song was blaring out of the PA throughout the park.  She wanted to make damn sure everyone knew she was coming.

"In a country where the sky touches down on a field
She lay her down to rest in the mornin' sun.

They came a-runnin' just to get a look,

just to feel to touch her long black hair.
They don't give a damn."

Yeah, I thought that song was appropriate although she didn't do any laying down.  But they sure did come running to see her that day.  Once in the lake Big Black reared up his fetlocks just out of the water.  That is the image the paper caught of her that day.

This is the image they caught a few weeks later as "the Lady Godiva of Pimlico" crossed that finish line in first!

"But I...... never seen nothing like you"


Lusting Lola! said...

Very nice, Ryan! Way to show them. :)

Ram said...

great story concept for this week - thanks for writing!

Same sassy girl said...

Oh my! Great take! Fun to see you FFFing!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your take on the photo.