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Good Morning Little School Girl, Can I Come Home with You

Back to School

So our topic today is "Back to School."  My story is a bit different but then again I don't always follow directions so well or at least I interpret them to suit my needs.  In my case this is a tale from my college years so in that case there are 2 semesters so back to school can mean Spring semester as much as Fall semester.  This story has to do with Back to School for Spring semester.  Or maybe really an epic New Year's Eve party that lead to a Spring semester "Back to School" romance.  I guess it could serve as a one that got away as well but then again don't most get away in life?

In spite of what Shannon might say I don't actually think I'm overly hubristic or egoistic (at least not according to the wiki definitions I looked up to make sure I wasn't).  But during my graduate school years back in the early 90's I was a bit full of myself.  This was my "golden period" of skirt chasin' if you will.  I met Chelle, Tish, and Jenny during this period of my life.  In late fall of 1990 I started to notice this petite, sassy, yet somewhat demur girl (Bethany) who started hanging out at the frat.  She was kind of perfect for me and I think I was tailor made for her.  I think her daddy was pretty loaded and I know she liked "preppy guys" but she liked them with a bit of an edge; which could accurately be said to be me.  She looked a little like that cute "Keeblerian" (shhh, I stole that term from Wayne and Garth) looking chic from Wall Street Money Never Sleeps.

Anyway, at the time she was going out with one of my fraternity brothers and I was sort of in a relationship with Tish so we stayed at flirtations.  At some point our dance cards became empty.  Bethany dumped my frat bro and Tish and I just parted ways.

Over that particular holiday season (really New Year's Eve) I went on a "road trip" to VA Beach with a few of my friends, one being Unfortunate Dave.  I've mentioned Unfortunate Dave a few times in my blog here and here.  He was the eternal "nice guy but...."  Each semester it seemed like he had a new girl he was crushing on but nothing ever came to fruition for him, he could never close.

Anyway, so we are in VA Beach at one of our Alumni Brother's house for a New Years Eve party.  It was pretty awesome.  He actually lived in Norfolk (or one of those 'peakes or 'mouths) but it's so screwed up down there it's always hard to tell where you are.  Wherever it was he had a house on one of those little inlets off the James.

All of our friends from the Hampton Roads area (as it's called) were there.  Bethany was from that area so she was going to be there as well.  I knew we were both newly single and this was the perfect setting.  It was going to be "game on" if you will; the full Ryan charm program.  But then Unfortunate Dave stepped into the mix.  As we were quietly drinking a beer and looking over the water before the party Dave mentions that he is interested in Bethany. Now I have a moral dilema.  I know there is no way Dave is going to close on Bethany but I also know he is a friend.  I held to Bro Code and said good luck.

However, I did let him know that if he couldn't close the deal that when we got back to school I was moving in.  I felt that balanced my male testosterone driven needs with my respect for "bro code," I'm such a gentleman!

Well, Dave came nowhere close to closing the deal.  I had a blast that night although I didn't get laid.  At least I think I had a blast and I'm pretty sure I didn't get laid.  Well, I know I woke up on the pool table and I assume I had fun let's leave it at that.

So back to Big State U a few weeks later and the first Happy Hour of Spring Semester.  I enter and there is Bethany.  No bro code now; no boyfriends or girlfriends.  It was game on time!

From the start that night Bethany was excited to see me.  She ran up and gave me a big hug and then just kind of lingered; a tell tale sign a girl is interested.  We danced, drank, sang, and just hung out in general.  In fact she even started to irritate me because I couldn't talk to my bros about the Big State U game that upcoming weekend.

But she didn't irritate me when she came with me to the pizza place we generally would gravitate too around 8 pm that was near the frat.  Our night continued to that pizza place and then over to a bar to listen to a band.  Somewhere along the line she drifted away so I did not get a hook-up that weekend but definitely came away with good vibes.

The Ryan look circa 1991
I called her the following Tuesday (hint - I always waited at least 1 obligatory day when I got a phone number and would never call on consecutive days within the first few weeks of an emerging relationship; I was such a guy).  I asked her out to brunch at this go-to place of mine in the area.  It was a  nearby historic resort area overlooking a beautiful lake.  Bethany was excited to go, she had not been before.  This was good balance, a very preppie date (if memory serves me correct I even wore my navy J Crew sweater with my embroidered initials RNB) after seeing that edgy band together the previous weekend.  She had a birthday the next weekend and I got her a good bottle of a local wine and tied some baby's breath to it and left it at her door with a note.  At that point I pretty much had her!  The question was just when and where?

Well "where" just happened to be back to the beginning in Hampton Roads (I'd say VA Beach but I like to be precise and if I remember correctly Bethany actually lived in Hampton).  I know you are saying "I thought only crack dealers lived in Hampton?"  You'd be correct mostly except for some very upscale areas along the various waterfronts.  Now why were we in Hampton?  Ah yes, this was another case of Ryan taking advantage of mommy and daddy being out of town.  Bethany's parents were going to be out of town and they didn't want little brother to throw a big high school kegger so Bethany diligently agreed to come back home to house sit.  Of course that meant that several of our Hampton Roads friends would be trekking back to the requisite college kegger Bethany decided to host instead.  And of course Ryan had volunteered to drive with Bethany back home and co-host the party and do some of his awesome grillin' (always a good benefit of being in a relationship with Ryan).

Well, I could describe the wonderful party overlooking that inlet off the Chesapeake but I'm getting a little long and I've yet to have sex so I better get busy or Kat will be disappointed!

Bottom line is that while Bethany was so very cute and demure she was a real WILDCAT in bed.  Sure we started off missionary as I was still thinking I was with little miss prep although I did notice it didn't take very much to get her out of her cloths once the last guest was gone.  Additionally I did notice her seductive little purr as I probed my tongue into her before moving on top.  But at one point I was starting to cramp in my foot.  I stopped mid-pump, giggled, apologized, and got up on my knees to work out my cramp.  Bethany gave me a sly look and worked her foot up my chest and to my shoulder left foot first, right foot second.  She then pulled me back down to her with her feet and before I knew it I was thrusting into her with her legs around my shoulders.  From there my little preppie girls turned into a real freak-a-zoid.  On my knees with her legs over my shoulders.  In the shower holding her up and perched on that little soap shelf. Dripping wet from behind in front of the bathroom mirror.  Still dripping wet from behing on the bed in front of the mirror.  In front of the window from behind overlooking the Chesapeake at sunset.  Now dry but still naked feeding me grapes while riding on top of me on the couch and watching Northern Exposure.  And finally, the obligatory blow job at a rest stop on the way back to Big State U.  Yes by late Monday night when I got back to Big State U I was a happy but tired man!

Yeah Bethany was a cutie and I really liked her.  I don't think I even know what happened to put her into "the one that got away category."  I assume we just drifted apart.  I graduated at the end of the following summer and was in full trying to get a job mode.  I think she probably just moved onto another  guy.  She is actually one of the few old flames that I have mentioned here that I truly do not know where she is.  I guess I could just sail down the Chesapeake Bay and try to find her back at that ritzy waterfront house.

OH well, lot's of good memories.

Good sex my little school girl, good sex my little school girl
Can I come home and hump with you, can I come home and hump with you
Your mother and your father don't need to know
Not even your little bro

Come be my baby, come be my baby
I buy you a bottle of wine, I buy you a bottle of wine
You don't be my little baby
I ain't gonna buy you a doggone ring

Watch this if you want a thrill!

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