Saturday, September 1, 2012

Baby Who Wants to Love Me Sexy uh?

Come on girl,'s me Jackie Moon

Did I ever tell you how much I venerate Will Ferrell?  I hate to admit it but my affection for Will is akin to a bromance or rather bro-crush; there I said it.  And I particularly feel an intellectual connection to him. You can probably tell from my blog we are of two like minds.  Not that that has anything to do with my post but the lyrics in my post title are from the famous Will Ferrell (aka Jackie Moon) song from the movie Semi-Pro.

So somewhere towards the end of winter and into early Spring I had a late evening event and by late I mean it was to end around midnight.  Shannon was out of town and this was an annual event so I had arranged for my girls to spend the night at a friends.  I had told Sandee about this event and we had teased back and forth that this would be an excellent opportunity to hook up on the fly so to speak.  I have to admit I'm not the most spontaneous guy in the world so my bark is generally worse than my bite.

But through the day of the event we had texted that we should get together after.  Sandee's husband was otherwise engaged so she was open.  Through the event we continued to text.  I was starting to think she would actually come out at 1 am and meet me somewhere; were we going to "get it on (as Will F would say)?"

About 15 minutes before I was going to leave I sent a text.  "Leaving n 15 mins, can u still come out?"

Sandee replied quickly "where? sure you want to, i can be scary and frisky after midnight  :)"

I replied "I want 2 c that! Meet me @ the park on Rt 15 @ BR Dr (obviously fictitious)"

"c u in a few!" she replied.

I got there a few minutes earlier than she.  There were two cars in the parking lot but no apparent activity.  I waited.  About 10 minutes later I see lights coming down the road to the parking lot; it was her.  I got out of my car and walked over to her van and got into the passenger side.

Sandee looked so hot!  It was unseasonably warm and she was obviously not expecting to go outside as she had on a tight purple "cami" and a loose fitting sarong type thing.  We talked about my event for a few minutes and about her day.  The conversation was quick though as we both knew why we were there.  I kissed her and immediately had my hands between her legs and moving beneath the sarong.  She moved her hands down to my waist as well and rubbed my dick through my pants.

Our kissing got deeper and deeper.  Finally she pulled back and smiled and said "do you want me to come over?"

I nodded yes and she climbed over to me and now sat in my lap.  We continued kissing.

She pulled back after about a minute and then started to lean down while still keeping eye contact and with a sly smile across her face.  I was thinking blow job time.  But then I heard a "thunk" and I immediately fell backward.  Sandee had reached down and pulled the chair-back lever.  What a great feature!  The seat went all the way back and now I was on my back with Sandee perched above.

She then unloosened my belt, reached in, and started running her hands along the length of my dick.  She asked me "do you want me to suck it."  This was a new Sandee yet still a bit demure.  I liked it.  Even though I'm usually not really into blow jobs I wanted her to want to do it so I nodded yes.  I moved up the seat a bit and she knelt down.  Sandee is quite diminutive so she was able to navigate the tight surroundings.

She took the majority of my dick into her mouth and slowly moved her lips up and down.  At one point she stopped and said "it tastes yummy" and smiled.  The fact that she enjoyed it made it all the more satisfying.  She did come up for air so to speak at one point.  I looked up at her again perched on top of me.  I took the opportunity to run my finger up her legs and with a flick unloosen that thin sarong.  I then leaned up and kissed her and moved my hand inside her panties and put my finger into her her.  She gasped and her head fell to my shoulder.

I had always been very gentle and slow with Sandee as I knew all of this was new to her.  But just now I sensed she wanted me to take control.  I quickly, in one motion, slid her panties down as far as I could reach (now down to her knees).  She then wiggled them the rest of the way off.  From there it was just a moment before she was laying on top of me with me inside of her.

She moved over me slowly sensing the tight surroundings but as she got more comfortable her pace rose gradually but consistently until we were both moving into each other in rapid rhythm.

With all the foreplay it was not long until Sandee breathed her slight and somewhat meek sigh. Sandee has a very feminine voice and it is quite the turn on to hear her sigh as she orgasms.  Just that noise finished me.

We remained in that position for some time just listening to the radio.  Small sparkles of sweat formed beads on her shoulder as the moonlight cascaded through the window.  It was so peaceful and I could have drifted off into a peaceful sleep right there.  But eventually we had to be heading home.  So just as quickly as we came we had to leave like a couple of shooting stars.

As I drove home and looked at the stars I thought of that famous Jackie Moon song.

Our zodiak signs are compatable
clockin' that ass from across the room
your body says love me your mind says sexy
love me sexy

Take off your shoes and suck me sexy
Is it you?  Or is it you?

Love Me Sexy!


Same sassy girl said...

Yowza! That was a SEXY blog post! Yum.

Red Shoes said...

Other than HOLY COW, I got nothing...


Ryan Beaumont said...

@ Sassy - Glad to know I still got it

@ Red - I was speechless to that night.

Gertie said...

I just read this somehow I missed it over the holiday weekend.

I am now going to rent SEMIPRO, that was hysterical. Sounds like an amazing evening as well.