Thursday, September 6, 2012

Take Me to the River - Part II

"Hold me, squeeze me, love me, tease me....."

So the next week Sandee and I met on a Thursday around 1 pm.  We had plenty of time to do whatever it was that we intended to do.  I brought some snacks and more importantly some prophylactics just in case a rich patron didn't leave any out on that island in the Potomac.  This was great because there was the anticipation but none of the nervousness, we were going to have fun regardless and it felt like an adventure.

Of course things never quite seem to come together perfectly for us.  As we were pulling our canoes out to the launch area Sandee casually mentioned that her son was mountain biking in the area so she had to keep an eye out.  I asked her if she thought he would be thinking about swimming out to a secluded island himself.  She said he was with friends not a "girl" friend so she doubted he would be seeking out the same activities.
That guy is a dead ringer for me!

We shoved off and paddled through the rough water.  This time we didn't turn right into the gentle canal, we headed straight for our island.  This day was much more clear so we made it to the island in short order.  Once there we pulled our boats onto the sand and walked around to the trail into the interior of the island.  We talked a bit, enjoyed the views, and ate our Sabra hummus and pretzel chip snack.

But my hands could not stay off Sandee's gorgeous body for long.  She was again in a tight tank top with tight capri/cargo type pants.  What is particularly sexy about her is that she has a very athletic look from all the time she spends outdoors and active.  She has perfect muscle tone in her arms, shoulders, and calves.  All in all she has just the right tone, ripped but not too much.  After our snack I motioned for her to sit on my lap as I was sitting on a stump.

After a minute of a heavily building kiss our hands gravitated south.  She was inside of my swim trunks moving her hand up and down the length of my shaft and I in turn had negotiated her tight pants and worked my hand between her legs and into her.  She gave me her seductive sigh as I moved my finger deep into her and rubbed inside along her pubic bone and then settled onto rubbing her clit.

I then pulled my hand back to afford her the room to straddle and grind against me.  She plunged her tongue deeper into my mouth.  I liked her forcefulness, she wanted me and was going to take me.

She gently slid off my lap and bent down in front of me now on her knees.  I helped her slip my trunks down and she rubbed my dick and smiled as she said "that's what I wanted."

She then gave me a very gentle and easy blow job.  Again, I admit to not ever really being enomored with blow jobs (I know I'm weird).  But to see and feel Sandee enjoy this was a complete turn-on.

Still I was not real comfortable so I was not sure I would cum.

But then we heard some voices.  We stopped and pulled up pants and pulled down shirts and carefully looked up.  Good news - no sons; bad news - fisherman slowly trolling along seeking that perfect fishing spot near a certain presumed vacant island.

We stopped and just hung in place, nervously laughing at the predicaments we always seem to get in.  But soon we came to the realization that those fishermen could not see us and that it would be really hot if we *ucked each other brains out right there with a pair of fishermen about 20 yards away.

Actually she's the blond!

I laid down in the sand and she sat on top of me and analyzed me, looking me over like a piece of meat.  I liked it.

After a few minutes we realized we did not hear voices anymore.  I looked up and did not see anyone.  That was the que.  Sandy leaned down and kissed me and moved her hand inside my trunks again.  I again helped her slip my trunks off.  Sandee then stood up to allow me to do the same for her, namely slide her pants off.  I then returned to my position on the sand, looking up at Sandee.  Sandee then sat down and mounted me.  We were both pretty wet so she immediately glidded over me with ease.

For a moment I have to admit being aware of the sand that was getting lodged into areas you don't want sand to go.  But this felt too good and I knew we would be finished quickly.

Sandee collapsed into my arms with her gentle sigh and I felt the resulting wetness across my waist.  I was right behind her.

Do you ever get out a pair of shoes about a month after getting back from the beach and realize "damn, there is still sand in here!"  It was good that this was so satisfying because as we stood up I realized I would be picking and brushing sand out of place the proverbial "sun don't shine" for days most likely.

But oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained.  It was certainly worth it.  We paddled back but as we got close Sandee stopped and looked at her phone.  It was a text from her son saying he would be glad to meet her at the dock.  Not good.  Sandee asked me to take an extra lap around the island (just kidding she just said wait a few minutes) and she would shake him off.  After about 20 minutes I saw her waving me to come ashore.  She told him she would meet him at the Wawa for a slushie in a few.  

So we packed up the canoes and had to say quick good-byes.  But what a great adventure.

We had encountered some risk but 

"the odds had been ever in our favor."    :)


Leah said...

I love this post, thanks for sharing :-)

Same sassy girl said...

Reminds me of a sweet song by EastMountainSouth, "Show me the river" - see the random video...