Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It Was Over Before it Begun

You know Facebook has gotten big when a teen heartthrob is writing a song about it.  It's funny, in my day the worst thing you could do to your boyfriend or girlfriend was to cheat on them.  I guess now the worst thing you can do is "unfriend" them.  Yeesh, even writing that seems overly mean and passive aggressive.  Now that I think about it, that is pretty bad.  I mean often we don't even "unfriend" one another when we get divorced.  I fear for this generation!   :)

In my last Sandee post I hinted at reaching out to some old flames.  Sandee said she cared about me very much but just couldn't do the "affair thing."  I thought it was better to let her go a bit for now.  We could remain friends and I could take a peak back at Ashley Madison.  After all, I needed more blog material.  Thankfully it was summer and I was going to put the blog on cruise control and do some re-posts and some stories of loves gone by.  This would allow for some catching up on generating blogable material, I just needed to put myself into a "target rich environment" (sorry I'm pumped up from the debate last night)!

As for my "old flames" blog posts, I had settled in on seven girls from my past that I would do five posts about.  I thought it would be fun.  For me it turned out to be a blast going back over those great stories.  Of the 8 girls I had/would write about (including Chelle) I was Facebook friends with three and knew the whereabouts of two others.  I am always very curious so as I was thinking about these posts I couldn't help searching for the other ladies of my past on Facebook.

And that is how I found Tish.  Her page was locked so "non-friends" could not see her information so I just went ahead and sent her a FB friend request and a brief hello note.  About two days later I got a note back from her accepting the request and a very nice note thanking me for contacting her and expressing gladness at hearing from me.  After reading her note I, of course, checked out her profile to see if she is still HOT.  She is!  I clicked on the "about" button to see where she is now, assuming she had relocated back to NJ.  I see married, works at bank, lives in ....... (DAMN); she lives in ***********, **!  That's just 20 minutes up the road from me.  I drive through there all the time!

Over the next two weeks we exchanged several notes.  She mentioned that time had been good to me and that I was still very handsome.  She said I had a beautiful family.  I was feeling the vibe!

Of course during this time I didn't just try for options on Facebook.  Actually I didn't even consider Facebook options, Tish just seemed to have fallen on my lap (hopefully).  Yes, I finally did re-open Ashely Madison "with intent" to find and communicate with new ladies.

While I was in general again disappointed in what I found I did find one delightful looking nurse (apparently) and found another lady who just seemed to evoke a familiar feeling.

VANurse4U was actually outside of my normal zip code range (about a two hour drive) but she said she traveled to the DC area often.  I actually had really narrowed my range to yield ladies that would probably be on the periphery of my abilities.  To be honest I wanted a challenge and I was down to 175# and had just completed a biathlon so I was pretty cocky now.  I had done AM and the blog thing a long time now and I wanted to see how attractive I could be!

I put a lot of thought into Mrs. NSG.  I even googled NSG and found it was an acronym for Nuclear Suppliers Group.  That was my hook because she said she was successful and looking for someone smart.  I told her among other things that

"I checked out your website NSG, you are obviously smart since you are in nuclear physics.  I have an MBA from (Big State U) which makes me smart unless you are a fan of (U of State).

I added something new (my AM profile has always had a photo of me with the Lego Land Orlando  dragon in my background).  It has gotten several comments over the years.

"The dragon in my picture represents my powerful aura.  I say that because you said you like confidence.  Oh wait, that is actually the picture of me outside of Lego Land in Disney.  Well you said you like humor as well, and you know I'm a world traveler now!  :)"

Anyway, it seemed to work as I got this back along with a key to her private showcase.

Wonderful pictures :) thanks for sharing them.

I'm a healthcare risk management and cost containment consultant. "NSG" = nursing. Far more exciting than anything nuclear, right?

Would like to respond further but it's a busy time of day around here. I have a couple hours of catch-up from my work week, as well....but I look forward to learning more about you.

PS- my dad is a very proud alum of Big State U :)

Of course I immediately looked at her pics - DAMN!  She was hot.  She had a couple of bikini clad pics, some yoga looking pics and overall she was just gorgeous, a bit like that Courtney Thorne Smith from Melrose Place (although at 42 I guess more like According to Jim, although I don't really watch that).  Of course I'm a little off the beaten path, I actually was intrigued by the photos of her kayaking on a gorgeous lake.  Hot and outdoorsy, just my type.  I just needed to navigate that smart and successful angle; I don't seem to navigate it so well with Shannon!  Anyway,  I was definitely going to put some thought into my next note to her.  And put some thought into those pictures - smokin'!

But as I said above I had also found a lady that looked oh so familiar.  Yes I remembered the profile name immediately and her likes,

     "you know exhilarating, insuperable, passionate feeling.... THE look and THE desire.... the journey makes the destination.....

Yes, it was Alecia!  Just like the mongoose who can't stay away from that cobra I had to write to her.

So you are saying, "damn Ryan I thought you were talking about Vision Quests and taking stock of your soul the other day and now you are chasing every woman in the Quad-State area, what-up dude!"

Well, reality often is the medicine to cure you....

Normally I would stretch this post out to at least 3 or more or maybe even a month; certainly a week.  I'll apologize now for such a long post today.  But I've got other things I want to move onto these next few weeks including the mistress that ended up winning my love this summer.

So to conclude:

Tish - We flirted on Facebook for a few weeks.  Of course you never really know if it's a flirtation or just politeness.  I sent out a broad invitation to stop by if she was in town and mentioned I'll let her know if I was in her town.  But as often happens on Facebook you reconnect with old friends, write several times, and then you/they just fade away to old memories.  I see the pictures she shares now and she seems to have a very happy life.  At least I know where to find her if I get the inclination.  She is probably still mad I used to schedule her for the hardest sections!   :)

The Nurse - After such a promising reply I eagerly started my reply to her reply on Monday (yes I decided to play the waiting game - didn't want to appear like AM was all I had to do over the weekend).  But when I clicked to take another look at her hot pictures I got the worst notice you can get on Ashley Madison "profile not found."  DRAT!  I guess the weekend gave her cold feet to the Ryan experience!  :)

Alicia - I did write to Alecia and was very clever if I do say so myself.  Among other things I said

"you had me several years ago when I was still naive; well you said we made such a pretty pair...." 

Well that is actually a quote from that Carly Simon song "You're So Vain," but Alecia really likes Carly Simon.  And don't you get it, she was my first AM experience so I was so naive and of course we did make a pretty pair.  So I continued on to say that she seemed so familiar and that her thoughts were seductive and I could not yield and had to reach out yada, yada.  I think I did mention that she reminded me of someone from my past that was so alluring and tempting that I just couldn't pass on writing to her (now).  Of course, insinuating that she was in fact the "she" from my past.  I don't know I think I got lost in the layers as well but it all sounded pretty good as I hit the send key!

This time I did not send a key to my private showcase.  I thought I would let my words be the draw for once.  It worked or at least so I thought.  The next day I had a request from her for my private showcase.  So send my pics I did and waited for Alecia's response.  And waited, and waited, and....

As she is/was wont to do, I never heard back from her.  As I was writing this post I went back to my lists and saw that this and one of her other profiles are not currently active.  I know she is on Facebook, but this mongoose is only willing to go so far down that snake hole!

Maybe quoting from "You're so Vain" sent the wrong message, "Chicken Soup with Rice" perhaps would have been better I think!  :)

So on this Adventure Ryan was 0-3.  But that was OK because just as I was rediscovering the depths of Ashley Madison dispair another old mistress came back into my life.  And that story will have to wait for another day (or Thursday)!   :)

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