Friday, May 27, 2011

FFF - In Her Eyes

In her eyes I could see the question, "who is the slave here?"  I was there to help the body servant relax and prepare the soon to be queen for her marriage to the conquering barbarian king.  We had brought the relaxation technique to her from our training in the east.  Now she hoped the pins would relieve the stress she felt as she faced her oncoming conjugal obligations to the man who stole her family's kingdom.  And although I wore the shakels of our new master around my neck, it gave me a somber feeling to know it was her soul that was truely bound.

Note:  I have to admit I am fairly influenced here by Game of Thrones which I have been watching on HBO.  It's a little goofy but something to keep up with, I don't watch a whole lot of TV.  The one thing I do miss though is Entourage, it can't come too soon (and Men of a Certain Age - that tickels me)!

Oh, Jesus Crist - I just googled conjugal to make sure I spelled it right and used it in the right context (yes, I know I am a little slow - ;).  But when googling I found this
I'll definitely have to check this out for a big laugh - I wonder if this is actually real!  The things and Average Guy learns when he starts researching naughty things :)

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Jane said...

LOL!!! I always say the same thing about the things this Average Jane learns googling seemingly innocent things (hah--innocent my ass)...Tripp has been the student to many a learned things...not always happily so (brain scrub is his favorite thing sometimes) of these days I'll have to post about telling him not to call me Peggy...funniest conversation I have had in my entire life I do believe...

Muah!! Love Game of Thrones, btw.