Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We Adore Each Filthy Chore

Ashley Madison Theatre – Enchanted II

For some time I have been thinking about taking a stab at some fiction.  I’ve enjoyed the FFF’s but wanted to come up with a concept on my own.  About 2 months ago I posted the following:

In that post I speculated a sequel to one of my favorite movies that would involve characters finding and using Ashley Madison after their fairly tale gets a bit old.  So with that thought my warped mind conjured up a series of sequels to some of our favorite fairly tales where let’s just say our characters deviate off course just a bit perhaps allowing themselves to taste that poison apple that is Ashley Madison!

So here is Enchanted II – Giselle Seeks a FWB

The wedding was beautiful and Giselle was the picture of enchantment in the gorgeous gown she designed herself.  She was a bit surprised when Robert chose the Poconos as their honeymoon location but was touched when he said “life with you will be a honeymoon and I want to get started on our life as soon as possible!”  “Oh that Robert” she thought “always so practical.”  But that’s what she loved about him.

Life was wonderful.  Robert was so happy, things were great at work, Morgan finally had the mommy she needed, and of course Giselle was a knockout!  Perhaps a bit timid and reluctant in bed at first but she would learn!

Giselle was delighted at her life as well.  She finally had the real home she always wanted and a husband and daughter who really needed her.  She delighted in sending them off every morning and meeting them at the door as they came home.  Yes, Robert was a bit of a slob and disorganized but it was wonderful to have someone to take care of, to sing to, to love.  And people were actually buying her dresses she never considered that people would seek her talents, would look to her as someone of great consequence!

And so the Philips lived happily ever after (for now)!

Fast forward 10 years……

Robert slammed the phone down after Giselle called and said she couldn’t pick up Morgan from ballet.  “Another meeting with a buyer running late, this Andalusia dresses was just supposed to be a hobby – now it’s a god damn way of life with her, what’s with her!?”

Robert was now representing Brad Pitt in his divorce with Angelina Jolie (who saw that coming); the settlement there alone would be enough for Giselle to never have to work again.  Robert thought he had met his soul mate, a woman who would make a home for him and Morgan and who he could cherish and take care of.  Now he was married to a career!

When Giselle got home she dropped her coat on the chair and then sighed in agony.  My god what an absolute pig!  What type of man lacks the common ability to hang up an article of clothing, place dirty cloths in a washing machine, or simply rinse a dish and load a dishwasher?  I was to be a queen in Andalusia, this pig thinks I am some common service wench, screw him!  People pay me good money to design beautiful clothes for famous people.  Then I come home and this guy who makes money off peoples sorrows expects me to make Mac & Cheese and wash his filthy tighty whities?  I didn’t sign up for this!

Robert and Giselle had a roaring argument that night.  Robert would be in heavy negotiations over the Pitt/Jolie divorce and needed Giselle to handle getting Morgan ready for her recital over the next week.  But Giselle dropped the big bomb that she was leaving for Paris next Tuesday.  Apparently Jean Paul Chooblahnik wanted to design his entire fall shoe collect around Giselle’s dresses.  This was the big break she had longed for.  This was a line in the sand!

To Robert’s dismay Giselle boarded her Air France jet for destiny.  She cried when Morgan waved, she would miss the recital – but the Paris collection was also her dream.  The City of Lights was all she dreamed it would be and her dresses were the talk of the show.  At an after party she met Javier a young Portuguese tennis ace who was intrigued by her.  After her 4th Cosmopolitan Giselle was very happy and feeling her femininity standing there next to Javier.  Being the object of desire was a feeling she had not had in several years.  Soon she was in Javier’s room.  In the bathroom he grabbed her and kissed her passionately.  Soon her dress was around her ankles and his tongue was between her legs.  He spun her around and soon she was bent over with her hands on the sink.  She was shocked at what was happening.  She had seen forest animals screw like this but had never been on the receiving end.  Robert was so gentle and sweet with his love making, like an afternoon nap tranquil, quiet, peaceful.  Javier’s glistening body was now behind her slapping against her behind in quick rhythm like a tremendous machine.

She felt something in her pelvis.  Was she going to throw up in disgust?  Not hardly, her stomach quickly felt that same exhilaration she felt on her first roller coaster ride as she plunged down 100 feet.  And then there was the gusher she felt between and then down her legs.  She screamed in exhilarating bliss!  The next two hours, once in the middle of the night, and the next morning were a cavalcade of passionate, energetic sex.

There was another after party the next night where Giselle hoped to meet Javier again.  When she didn’t see him she thought she would surprise him in his room.  The door was slightly open and when she walked in she saw two hookers, three super models, and three very masculine male underwear models.  Apparently Giselle was the last thing in Paris that Javier had not screwed other than a few wall sockets!

Giselle cried the whole night.

But the next day was her big show with Chooblahnik, her professional coming out party.

It was a brilliant success.  Giselle returning to New York a fashion star, and Andalusia dresses was on everybody’s lips.  Javier was a distant memory.

But at DeGaulle airport she saw a funny ad that caught her eye “La Vie est Courte, vous devriez avoir une affaire – Ashley Madison.”  She knew a little French and so she googled Ashley Madison a few days later when she was back home.
“My heavens” she thought, people actually sign up to kiss people they are not married to?

Of course after a few days she couldn’t hold off anymore and she signed up.

“Not looking for another prince charming”
Age 34
5’4” 115# (fit)
Attached Female Looking for Males
Never Smokes

Preferences:   Oh these silly checks!  I want someone who respects who I am and what I do.  No drama!  And pick up after yourself, I’m not your mother.  Oh, and I don’t like apples so don’t try to buy me an apple martini

What Turns Me On:      Up until now I have been turned on when guys save me from trolls, catch me when I fall, or slap me on the rear when they are screwing me in front of a hotel bathroom mirror, just found that one out, lol J

What I am Looking For:  I have a nice guy at home and could have married a prince back home so I’m not looking for nice.  I want someone who will jump off a cliff with me and take me to places I have never been!

to be continued…….


Rosie said...

She's looking for a bad, BAD Boy!!

France said...

Laughing at the wall sockets!

Love your movie fiction. Good representation of a boring suburban marriage. Sounds just like the one I had actually... Let me know when you are casting. :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaha John Paul Chooblahnik... nice!