Friday, May 6, 2011

FFF – Unheard and Unheaded

In her position she should have felt very vulnerable.  But in truth she felt great power over the men who were watching her.  These powerful masters of black gold, so delighted with her presence, were in fact too timid to look at her genitals much less taste of her.  But powerful men want to feel powerful so she pleasured herself to the one toy they would give, information.  And the harder she came the more the men fed her the information about the evil doers they supported with their wealth.

To these men Valeria was just a cheap Russian mail order bride they purchased and plucked from some shit hole in Siberia.  However, what was unheard and unheeded was her real identity, CIA operative.  And now she was just one orgasm away from nailing down the location of one of the world’s most sought after men.  Some Navy Seal would get the credit for the head shot; the world would never know that the die was cast on that day by a beautiful spy pleasuring herself while learning about a dot on a map where an infamous person would intersect with death.

OK, so this is a bit non-PC but I guess I was inspired by news of this week.  Sorry if this offends.  But call it my tribute to the espionage community.  Oh, and I guess I have always had a hard on for Valerie Plame and this story line just hit me while I was walking.  God I love powerful women!  Next I need a picture that will let me fantasize about Nora O'Donnell!  :)

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France said...

Yes, we are powerful creatures, aren't we? :)

That's a pretty good take on the pic. I wonder how much information could really be obtained that way!