Wednesday, October 5, 2011

All You Ever Think About is Sex

OK so I won't make you wait for the rest of my Garth Brooks "Into the Fire" Keeley story.  But first I have to say XM Radio on a Friday night gets into the more weird songs (and on Saturday night they have Dark Wave which is Love N Rocket, Bauhaus, etc).  I heard this song last Friday night performed by the Sparks and so it got me in the mood for this post.

They followed that up with Orgasm Addict by the Buzzcocks.  I suggest you "google" it.

"you're an orgasm addict.
Ryan (johnny) want fuckie always and all ways.
he's got the energy, he will amaze.
he's an orgasm addict.
he's an orgasm addict.
he's always at it.
he's always at it.
and he's an orgasm addict.
he's an orgasm addict."

Sounds great although I do think they are referring to self love.

So yes, just as I was starting to get interested in how the stock market was doing that day my cell phone started buzzing - it was Keeley.

"I'm here, or at least I think I'm here.  I'm in the lobby of the Comfort Suites - where shall I go?"

Me:  "I'm in room 248, I'll have a glass of wine waiting for you!"

Keeley:  "lovely, I'll be right up."

And just a few minutes later I hear that lovely knock on the door I so enjoy hearing.

I opened the door and there she was as lovely as before!  She was again in a dark power suit with knee length skirt and low cut white blouse.  She held her jacket in her right hand and high heels in her left.  I backed up to let her through the door but before we got completely into the room instinct took over and I grabbed her around the waste and kissed her.  I felt her right arm wrap around my shoulder (I guess the jacket had hit the floor) and then her hand ran up my neck and into my hair, her nails slightly scratching my scalp as she gently massaged.  My hands moved down to her behind, squeezing gently as I pulled her tight.  I heard a thump at my feet as her heels were the next to hit the floor.  We lingered there for a long time, tongues tied in a wonderful deep kiss.

Finally Keeley pulled back just a bit and said "ahh ya goin ta let me ehn (remember she had that lovely Aussie accent)."

And I said "certainly, I have your glass of wine already poured."

We sat down on the edge of the bed and sipped wine, nibbled some apples, and had a little small talk about her over-needy egoistic client that wouldn't leave her alone.

After a few minutes she had to take a quick restroom break.  When she returned she didn't return to my side but  leaned up again the drawer in front of the bed and directly in front of me.  She took a sip of wine and smiled at me and slowly ran he right toe up my leg and settled onto my knee.  Instinctively I ran my left hand up her calf and to her inner thigh and began a slow massage.  I could see her arching her back slightly.  I bent over to  kiss her knee.

I then moved forward onto my knees and edged up to her, running my hands up her legs and settling inside her skirt and around her round and soft ass.  I nuzzled my way past her blouse and kissed her belly.  I heard her sigh and felt her hand massaging the top of my head.

I unclasped her skirt and it dropped to the ground.  Still kissing her belly in one motion I pulled her stockings and panties down slowly, kissing down her legs on the way down.  She slowly stepped out of those stocking and gently pulled me into her.  Her beautifully manicured reddish pubic hair with the backdrop of her light porcelain skin was an absolute turn on!

I ran my tongue around her clit and then worked myself slowly into her.  After she was starting to get wet I moved back slightly and replaced my tongue with my thumb slowly massaging her clit and then moved my middle finger into her and massaging her inside and along her pubic bone.  I looked up and she had unbuttoned her shirt and was holding her breasts - I could tell she was close.

I slowly stood up running my hands up her legs, over her ass, and up her back.  I pulled off her blouse and bra and she began undressing me.  Once naked I kissed her and grabbed her behind, our stomachs pressed firmly together and my dick slipped between her legs.

A revelation shot into my head that it would feel so good and look so wonderful to be behind Keeley and in front of that mirror.  Earlier I had described her as big boned but she is not over-weight just very athletic.  I moved my hands up to her hips and started kissing her neck and down her right shoulder.  I then gently guided and rotated her around like a slow dance move.  She was now in front of me, her back to my stomach and we were in front of the mirror.  My right hand moved down to her pussy and my left to her breast while I kissed her neck.  She moaned and I felt the wetness of an orgasm on my palm, now placed between her legs.

She slowly leaned forward and I moved my hands to her hips.  My dick slipped into her with ease.

In most cases I like a slight tan but something about her long Auburn hair flowing down her back with that pale complexion and athletic physique was a complete turn on!  She was so wet I slipped out several times.  Finally I just tried to stay completely in and thrust in a circular motion and within her.  It didn't take long for her to cum again.  And we both enjoyed the view in the mirror of me behind her

I guided her back up to me and kissed her neck and massaged her breasts, I was still in her.  We half-way collapsed back on the bed.  She rolled onto her back and I rolled onto her on top and was again inside of her.  My nose was in her neck breathing her wonderful Norwegian perfume and my hand was under her grabbing her ass.  From that point it didn't take long for me to get to orgasm.

From there we were just simply exhausted.  With her athletic physique it had almost seemed like some type of erotic wrestling match.  At the end I think you would rule that we both won even though she beat me 3 orgasms to 1!

At that point we just talked, cuddled, and kissed for about an hour.  We made a half-hearted attempt at sex again.  I was hard but we were both exhausted.  I would say it was more me just being inside of her, perhaps an internal form of spooning.  But I think that is all we wanted at that point.

The darkness told us that it was past 5 pm and time to go back home.  We cleaned up and I walked her to her car and I had a wonderful ride home.


Wave Rider said...

Wonderful story & totally hot ... Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

That was some pic-nic. I love internal spooning.

Myli said...

I've never been a big fan of cuddling, but the way you described internal spooning sounds like a lot of fun. I might need to try that sometime.