Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And the First One Said to the Second One There, I Hope You're having Fun

So the first week of my Keeley/Sandra plan had started off perfectly.  I had great sex with Keeley and I couldn't wait for more!

The next day when I opened up my e-mail I got a message from Sandra.

"where did you go?"

And then it hit me, I felt GUILTY.  I was cheating on my mistress.  I had become a real dog!

Sandra was not really checking up on me, that was not her way.  I had just gotten so caught up in chasing Keeley that I had not talked with Sandra in over a week and she was concerned.

So I sent her a note and let her know how I was doing (sans yesterday's encounter).  Within an hour she e-mailed back and said she was glad to hear from me.  By the end of the day we had plans for lunch next week so all was relatively good.  But the guilt did catch me off guard.

I, off course sent Keeley a note to let her know how much I enjoyed yesterday and that I was thinking about her and I was.  I was surprised that she did not e-mail back before the end of the day but I didn't linger on that.  The next day I did have an e-mail back from her.

Apparently her daughter was still sick (she had mentioned this before) and they were going to a doctor later in the week.  She was a bit short in her notes throughout the remainder of the week and into the following and she seemed a bit distant.  But I didn't think anything of it, I assume we all put family first - I would worry if she didn't!  She always thanked me for asking about her family and seemed happy to stay in touch.

So the following week was a Sandra on/sex off week.  We had lunch at a sushi place she knew of that was new to me.  As always we had a good time.  She brought me up to speed on all of her dogs and she of course was wearing a new vintage dress from e-Bay.  In her dresses to me she looks a little like Jane Mansfield and she has very warm dark eyes that always seem so caring and sensitive.  She is a very nice person.

After lunch we sat in her car and talked a few minutes more.  Conveniently she was in the back of the parking lot and we had eaten a late lunch as was our norm so there was not much of a crowd.   So our conversation didn't last long!  Soon we were kissing, hands moved to strategic places, lips moved to necks, buttons were unbuttoned, and fingers pried their way to soft warm places that brought sighs of happiness and contentment.  If we were in a van and had another hour I think we might have tried car sex but unfortunately child activities were calling me away so I had to leave.

But I could tell Sandra was interested in next week being sex ON!


Topaz said...

Cheating on your extra marital partner, lol, welcome to the club ;-)

Riff Dog said...

I can't help but get a sense that Keeley's days may be numbered (or from her perspective, Ryan's days may be numbered.) In which case dogliness pays off because you've still got Sandra on the roster. See? It's not about you being a dog, it's about you being prepared! ;-)