Friday, October 28, 2011

FFF - Tenebrous

I hadn't been to Rafe's party in years; not since the night she disappeared.

Rafe advertised it as Cosmic Horror with miscegenation.  I had a tenebrous mood but was restless.

With my drink I headed for that balcony we shared to toast her memory.

There I met Morella, referring to herself as that Poe character.  She leaned against a column drinking in the night.  I was surprised nobody had found her beauty.

Was it the Anise, my mood, or haze of night but as we talked the resemblance appeared to me as if in hologram.

I left to get more drinks but upon returning she had vanished.  I searched the house to no avail; nobody seemed to have seen or heard of that beautiful enigma.

As I stood shaken Rafe said "dear chap, you're chasing ghosts again at my party, surely you remember how that ended last time!"


Topaz said...

No wonder he was brooding before going to the party! You've shown much about the characters in this short space. Very enjoyable.

nilla said...

topaz said it put a ton of character into a short spate of words!

Great job, too.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh! This is goooood! Now I want to know what happened the last time.

Anonymous said...

exactly Sweets... what happened last time??

Word said...

Very dark. I like the idea that he was chasing a ghost. :)