Friday, October 7, 2011

I Woke Up in Love this Morning

An Ode to My New Lady-Mac - Laurie!

I have been with many others in my life.  And yes I have worshiped your beauty from afar for many years.  At times I bathed in blissful moments of your presence, your attention was like the sun peaking out from a cloud and giving berth to a radiant warmth I had yet to know or understand.  Each time though I would have to leave you bewitched and beguiled and thirsting for your next presence in my world.

Now that you are with me only you make me feel as if it is the first time.  But with you it is far more than that, it is as if I am coming home from a quest to the warm, gentle, tender love I have always sought yet never dared hope to enjoy.  You are so sleek, so smooth, you drive me so fast and yet let me down so easy.  I thirst  to touch you to move my fingers over you and feel the power of you. I know I will never be able to think or touch another with this passion I hold in my heart for you now.

Your skin is a beautiful alabaster that shines with your radiance.  Your face so brilliant, your gentle sound a warmth to my soul.  You never deny me and yet you lead me to new paths, new worlds I've never imagined.  And yet all your beauty is but a speck next to the knowledge and wisdom within you.  I learn from you, I yearn for you!

Yes, oh yes, you do make me feel like you are the first, nee the only!  And after you I know there can be no other; you have my soul, how could I give myself to another after knowing you.  I now know all my life experiences were just a leading up to knowing you, feeling you, having you, experiencing you.You are my love, my only existence.

You are my Laurie - my new Mac!  And I will always always love and adore you.

RIP Steven Jobs
Passionately and Affectionately Your,


Note:  Ryan is now the adoring owner of his first MacBook at work.  Yes, once you go Mac you never go back (he's had one at home for about 6 months)!  Now does he have enough love and passion in his heart to add an IPad into his world.  And thus another cliffhanger........

And why did I call her Laurie, just check the vid below and look at the beauty playing keyboards!  Hey Riff, do you think Danny is really playing that bass?

And to Steven Jobs (and I stole this): "The mark of true greatness is when everything before you is obsolete and everything after you bears your mark." 


Riff Dog said...

Of course Danny is really playing the bass. He was the musical mastermind behind the Partridge family. He not only played all the instruments on the recordings, he even did all the vocals himself. In fact, there was a lot of friction on the set, because David Cassidy didn't like lip synching to Danny's voice.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new Mac. That's really awesome. I'm still waiting for mine. I guess I should start thinking of a name for it now. So that I'll be ready when I finally get one. Hmmm... I had fun listening to the song. Didn't know Danny actually knew how to play the bass. Cool. I like Max Romeo's version, too.

Ryan Beaumont said...

Riff, that sounds like a VH1 Behind the Music interview - were you a session musician for the Partridges?

Tempting - Weezer does a version too but I didn't really like it (I like Weezer OK though)

Wave Rider said...

I LOVE MY MAC ... and I mourn the loss of Steve Jobs. I watched his 2005 Stanford commencement speech the other day and it moved me.

Myli said...

Congrats on the Mac! If I could afford one, I'd be happy and in love too!