Saturday, October 1, 2011

No Not the Same Mistake Again

Wow, leave it to Mexico to find the next great discovery in the "rent to own" industry!  Mexico City is considering granting 2 year marriage licenses, giving unhappy couples an easy exit strategy and avoiding costly litigation.  So how many out there would have bailed after 2 years if it would have been this easy?  Good question.

But for guys like my friend here, no doubt this would be cause for a great Fiesta!

Does that make Ashley Madison a sub-lease?!

I guess the only real question is who collects the first and last months rent deposit for damages! :)


Anonymous said...

Two-year marriage licenses? Hmmm... They may be on to something. ;-)

Luna Moon said...

I have mixed feelings. If there aren't any kids involved--great! Throw kids into the mix--then I have some reservations.

Elle said...

Agree with Luna Moon. Kids change everything. However, creating some sort of "Oops" clause maybe has potential.

Ryan Beaumont said...


Yes you are of course right on the kids. As you can tell from my blog I would not have used the exit clause, my wife and I have gone through a lot because of our kids.

But it is an interesting concept.

Thanks, R