Friday, October 21, 2011

FFF - Pained Delight

Long ago people noticed her voice and her ability to fuse classical piano with provocative lyrics that crossed over to contemporary urban dance and pop vibes.  Her ever changing hair tone and beauty only added to that aura.

But where provocative and edgy were once value added they were now who she was.  The photo shoot of her laying down tracks in the nude was supposed to be another edgy PR stunt for a magazine or even an album cover.

Now in pained delight it reminded her how much she had strayed from her musical dreams.


France said...

We often stray from our dreams... but it's never too late!

The combination of red hair and piano/provocative lyrics made me think of Tori Amos as I read your piece.

Happy Friday!

Topaz said...

Wow, I like that she is the artist in your take, and that she's kind of sold out at the point of the picture. Great job!

nilla said...

Sweetly sad...poignant.

What a marvelous take on the pic!

Happy FFF!


David said...

Yes, nice to have the girl be the lead rather than the led, nicely done.

Word said...

Ohhhh! recognition that she sold her soul for her music. I really like this one. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I liked this one, too.