Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TMI Tuesday - Breaking Up is Hard to Do

1. What’s the worst reason you have been given for breaking up?
"You are a nice guy but...... (after that who cares it's always bad)
2. What’s the worst reason you gave, to someone, for breaking up?
"You don't really want to follow me down to Birmingham, stay here and finish school.  It's because I care for you that I want you to stay - you will be better off in the long run."
3. Have you ever engineered the end of a relationship e.g doing something you know will put the other person off? If yes, what did you do?
You mean like moving away.  Yes.  I guess my worse was "this is who I am, sorry - if you don't like it leave."  That was me in my youth though, I'm a much better person now.  Back then I would have left me too!
4. Have you ever stayed with a partner just because you could not bear to end it?
Hmmm... have you been reading my blog?  I think you can draw your own conclusions.  But family and finances change everything.  Of course when she is really good looking and you're still holding out hope that can affect things too.
5. Have you ever encouraged a friend to end a relationship? What happened? Are you still friends?
Yes and yes.  I think in most cases it was a girl that was overbearing and making a guy do what he didn't enjoy.
Bonus: Have you ever been the cause of a relationship to end? Tell us about it.
Yep, my wife was seeing someone else before she started going out with me.  He was a bit of a loser and an alcoholic though.  So at the time it seemed like a good deal for her, not sure if she would say that today.

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