Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And You'll Do Just what You Chose to Do

Or Day One

I woke up Friday morning and fixed breakfast for my girls, helped them pack up the car, kissed them, and then watched as they drove off for the beach.

I then hustled over to the office to see what response I might have from Sandee on my "mischief e-mail."  From yesterdays post you'll know that I had given Sandee what I thought were some very wonderful and specific options for the weekend.  She responded with this:

"Ryan, you've got it GOIN ON!!! So FUN!!!!!...How could I refuse any of the choices you've offered me??
My dillema of course; which one to choose??
I am SO not good at decisions. Choosing between just one thing or another. I'm an ALL OR NOTHIN kinda girl!! I wanna do ALL of life..to the MAXXXX!!! And I'm GOING to, TOO!!!!  I DARE ya  to keep up!! ;)"

What I was beginning to find out was that this cute little millennial had trouble staying "on-message" or maybe she was like Mitt Romney "you get to ask the questions you want and then I get to give you the answers I want."

As for Friday, Sandee had some type of certification test that day and she was not sure when it would be over.  Friday night also hinged on what "grumpy's" mood was when he got home.  He was on a long shift and she hoped he would just go home and sleep.

Friday on my end of the world was a rather busy day all day and Saturday was to be busy at work as well; this was after all why I wasn't going to the beach with the family.

A positive of my interaction with my new-found 20-something friend was that I was learning the art of texting.  In all my previous encounters I had never texted.  I had read other blogs and this seemed to be the new-fangled way to meet.  In fact I had even heard of this thing called "sexting", apparently a new way to have intercourse.  Anyway, I had been behind the times but now I was catching up!

So Friday of the big weekend after getting her e-mail I texted Sandee early to confirm that she wanted to meet for a drink and/or dinner.  I knew of a great crab place.  As in ocean crabs that you eat not a place to get crabs on your private parts!  You see, Sandee had said she liked seafood so I wanted to oblige (with seafood, not giving her a venereal disease)!

Over the course of the day I got a few flirty/funny texts from Sandee and I replied (mostly stuff like videos, etc.).   But nothing was committal!

So while dashing off for crabs and drinks sounded wonderful in theory I was having trouble getting a commitment on time.  And my time was at a premium throughout the day and I was running out.  By around 6:30 pm I had not gotten an answer and I left work for home and went for a run.  By the time I got back from my run and checked e-mail I got this (in response to my note asking how her test went).

"Yes I am happy! It is over :)  Just breathe...awwwwww... I think I did good. I am not good at math, so that was were my nerves were kicken it  BIG time!
You know I was going to call your bluff, surprise you, and drive all the way to see you and tell you in person! Seriously. But then I chickened out because I didn't know if you were really serious...awkward :{   
Ok! Call me in the a.m to plan our fun-ness!  PLLLLEASSE give me a warning text first?? Certain  people"s shifts have been all flip-flopped around here..what if he is home all day? 
Well, my friend SAMUEL ADAMS is here with me just kicken in a little so
Ok... I am going to soak away my stress in my cuzzi....oh boy..:)
Ryan. Good night SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET dreams sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Ryan ;)  You're so cute :)

Apparently her girlfriends from work who were also taking the test decided to capture her and make her go out on a "girl's-night-out."

OK, so yes I was a bit pissed.  But you know it's always a bad move to get pissed off over a "girls-night-out", how many boy-friends have bit the dust over that objection.  So, I played it cool said my congratulations and glad you had fun type of stuff.

Anyway Friday was just a potential; Saturday was always the big day.  A free Saturday night is a rare thing in a married man's life and this was it for me.  Her note above did sound promising.  And since she was married to a jealous guy I was sure my understanding and patient ways (along with my good humor and looks) would soon pay dividends!

At any rate, what guy is going is to walk away from even the slightest chance to meet a girl like that!

But you know reason always gets in the way.  Another positive to this weekend of freedom was some evening blogging time.  Or rather "chatting" time with blogging friends.  I was able to catch up to my friend Kat on chat on a Friday night.  I told her about my situation.  As a friend I was sure she would give me words of encouragement and assurance.  But then again Kat is a true friend, a smart friend, a caring friend, and a realistic friend.  Her words were "I don't think that girl wants to be caught."

Oh Kat, what a downer.  Let's hope your wrong; but I do value your advice!

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