Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'd Rather Walk Alone, Don't Wanna Chase You Around

Or Shannon redux

Redux is a literary term meaning brought back or restored.  So today I'm not really restoring Shannon because she hasn't really left yet.  But I basically finished my Shannon story about a month ago.  I was kind of proud of my final Shannon post, it was a fairly Indie-type ending.  I kind of left it open-ended and unresolved but with the assumption everything was looking good for her.  Which is exactly like our life open ended, unresolved, and with the assumption she will come out on top!  :)

But I was pretty sure I couldn't just stick with that; something in me always wants to tidy things up before I move on.  Today is not a big detour though, everything always does work out for Shannon.  However, I can't resist putting out one final post.  I'm not sure I am feeling like writing in her voice though.  One thing I always like in movies is when they do those ending notes about what happens to the characters after the movie, like American Graffiti when we find out that

  "John Milner was killed by a drunk driver in 1964; Terry Fields was reported missing in action near An Loc in December, 1965; Steve Bolander is an insurance agent in Modesto, CA....."

That just always seems like a nice touch.  Btw, reading those notes above from American Graffiti it occurs to me that Steve got the worst fate of the 3?  Thoughts?  :)

OK so here is Shannon's fate or the ending notes to my Shannon story (just like the movies).  Imagine Kelly Clarkson playing in the background as these roll by.......

"Shannon accepted Mr. V's offer to take over as VP of Marketing for the company.  This moved her out of Brent's region and onto the national stage.  As always, in a tough political and economic environment her personality, poise, and charm (not to mention stunning beauty) pulled people together that had previously fought.  She was a big success and really got things moving.  However, when the permanent job was posted she did not apply.  The company brought in a real heavy hitter from another company (in fact a former Miss Teen USA).  But for her hard and successful work Mr. V created a new role for Shannon at the national level. 

It was perfect, away from the politics of the VP role and without having to return to Brent's bleak world of long travel to shit holes in Western Kansas and the Dakotas.  Her travel was greatly reduced and she traded Minneapolis in January for San Francisco in April along with Miami, Reno, Montreal, Seattle, Phoenix, and even some accounts right here around DC she can visit.

As for the business Ryan and Shannon were considering - they passed.  Shannon's total compensation with bonus now had three figures to the left of that , so too much to pass up.

Two years later Shannon is still going great.  In a bad economy she and Ryan are not exactly the 1% but in pretty good shape.  And Shannon is supposed to be on the fast track and developing for that next VP opportunity perhaps succeeding Miss Teen USA down the road or in another sector of the company.

The girls are doing great as well into ballet, horseback riding, and a little basketball (just to make Ryan feel useful).  They are happy in the private school and with the vacations Shannon's (and Ryan's) careers can afford.

On the whole a happy life, even if she didn't quite end up with Keanu Reeves!  :)

*  Note:  Keanu was always Shannon's celebrity crush and excused hook-up (you know the one hook up you are excused to be with if you ever get a chance).  Mine's Jennifer Connelly just in case you were wondering?

She still looks a bit like Kate
I have to hand it to Shannon she is a bitch to live with but she is finally and definitely her own woman.  Brent and I may have been left in the dust but she is one hell of a ride.  At least I still get to look at her even if I don't ever touch anymore.   She does look damn good in her Size 2 Versace suit!  :)

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Wave Rider said...

I have really enjoyed the Shannon series and it is nice to read your "happy" ending. Actually, I hope there will be more Ryan and Shannon stories down the road.