Saturday, February 11, 2012

Just to Satisfy Her 14 Carat Mind

Today's big question is will you be spending more this Valentine's Day on your spouse or your affair partner?

I read an article recently that said most men will spend more on their mistress than their wife.  However, they will spend Valentine's Day with their wife.  They will make this up by spending the 13th or 15th with their mistress thus one can call those days Ashley Madison Day!  I think the bottom line was that they spend the actual day with their spouse due to some type of "Madonna complex" and make it up to their mistress later.  They buy practical presents for the spouse or simply flowers and put more time and effort into romantic and emotional gifts for their mistress.

I could analyze the hell out of that but I want to spend some time telling you what I do (because Lord knows the Ryan strategy is always a winner)! :)

As anyone who knows me will tell you, you can never really get a straight answer from me.  Perhaps I missed my calling as a politician.  I like to think of it as being influenced by people that always kept me on my toes.  Bottom line, if you ask me a question I am likely to answer it with another question, an answer that is completely different from the question asked, or perhaps just with "it depends."

And so it is with the mistress/wife scenario.  For me, it depends on your frame of reference.

To be technical though I spend more on my wife.  Shannon is in a word materialistic; with her it ain't ever the thought that counts (unless you are thinking exactly what she is thinking), it's the merchandise.  So for example on her birthday I gave her a certificate for a $350 all day spa treatment to a really exclusive place in the area.  However, to be honest very little thought was put into it.  But the $350 was well worth it; not getting her what she wants is always more costly in the end, she always finds a way to make me pay!  Come to think of it everything with her tends to be costly in the end - I guess it's why I love her so much!

On the other hand recently, for a lady that will remain nameless for the purposes of this post, I simply bought a bottle of berry wine, a mini-chocolate/raspberry cake, and some cheap earrings.  So you are saying, "Ryan you are screwing this poor woman who so graciously agreed to screw you!"  :)

But here in lies the difference.  Although I only spent a total of about $100 (when you throw in lunch and a birthday balloon I bought for her the week prior when we were out), for her it was in fact "the thought that counts."

She had recently talked about really liking this particular berry wine and that she couldn't find it anywhere local.  In jumps Ryan the hero (at least any time when being a hero only costs $14/bottle) and knows just how and where to procure said berry wine.  So even though I really didn't spend that much money on the present to Sa...(that lady) she really appreciated the fact that I had listened to her and had gotten exactly what she had wanted.  And now she knows where to get that wine!

Better yet, I just brought her a bottle for our next afternoon out, or rather "in" if you know what I mean! :)  Well that cost me another $79 as well but boy was it worth it!  But that, as they say, is another story.

So what are your thoughts on the subject!

I wonder if one tends to be more attracted to the person who does in fact think "it's the thought that counts."  Maybe it's when the thoughts don't count anymore that we start considering all this infidelity stuff.  Hmm... perhaps a cautionary tale.


Cara Janes said...

Excellent post. You sound pretty thoughtful on both accounts, though. You're thoughtful enough to pay attention to what Sa wants and get that for her, and thoughtful enough to put forth the effort to get Shannon a $350 spa day, which, regardless of how creative it was or wasn't, was indeed an excellent gift! And this is how to keep the ladies happy!

Same sassy girl said...

You made me wish I was either your wife or your mistress for this day. Not for the reason you're thinking, but because I will not get a present from my husband, or my guy! I gotta make some changes...

Kat said...

I think Valentine's Day is for the wife, not the mistress. Not only is tat out of respect for your primary relationship, but the mistress usually can't keep anything you give her anyway (assuming that she's married). If she's NOT married, then go with cheap and romantic,but not ON Valentine's Day.

My hubby is out of town, so I won't be getting much of any thing special on V-day. :-(

Topaz said...

You're right - depends on the situation. The spouse deserves the time and/or effort above all else if they want it - it's the one day you can put all worries aside for a good time. The mistress always gets the good time and she should wait for 'AM Day' :D I love that name.

Personally, I don't care about the day, but I always enjoy a good date. You don't need one day a year to be treated well.