Thursday, February 9, 2012

Girl You'll Be a Woman....Soon

Hey Ryan, we know you like Neil Diamond but that song is about a guy chasing a girl much younger than he is, what does that have to do with you and Sandee - you guys are about the same age.

Well, I'm glad you asked.  But first, do you like Neil's classic version or Urge Overkill's version from Pulp Fiction.  I say Pulp Fiction because I love that movie.  And you know I have a helluva a lot of personality and personality goes a long way (get it)!

OK, so as you know things were going great.  Yeah I had my worries but what the hell, you only live once!  In fact on the positive Sandee's next e-mail started just like this:

"You sure are a witty little fella..I have another career option for you: Writing! Your flare for the written word, along with that humor of yours, is VERY entertaining! I would buy all of your books, AND be your biggest fan! :)  Instant groupie and you haven't even started....What say you??"

I'm thinkin' this girl digs me!  And boy does she know just where to compliment me - if she only knew the truth!

The rest of the note was nice as well.  She thanked me for complimenting her on the picture she had sent even though she said that I may have "been a tad facetious....who knows?"  Hmmm...., how do I tell her I'm going to have to "google" facetious to know what in the hell she is talking about.  Btw, I had complimented her on the way her mint green nail polish was a nice compliment to the green suit she was wearing (from her DC picture) - I thought that was classy rather than she saying "baby you got nice back!"  :)

Well anyway I didn't linger on that thought long because........


What the heck is this! 

Sandee's next line went something like this......

"So enjoy your night, talk atcha later...

Big Time Sandee ALERT/Confession (It's my conscience):

Ryan, I'm nervous to tell you this, but need to.... gulp..  If 1987 was my birthdate (not  hs grad date) would be mad at me for misleading you (she says batting her eyelashes)?  I  lied about my age b/c (idk), I just like more mature men.   I am so sorry and I understand if you don't want to talk anymore.   I just figured you had a right to know....   :*(             i  sincerely hope you still want to be my friend..."

Did I just read that correctly?  She's (gulp) 26?

Well, at least you know what inspired me to write that "How to Catch an Old Married Guy." 

And so now maybe I should tell you why I have been calling her Sandee here.  Well, maybe I'll wait until Monday!   :)  Well at least those pictures she had been sending make more sense now.

So what should I do; what would you do?????


Unknown said...

Interesting. I hope you didn't kick her to the curb. I certainly wouldn't.....But I may make have to give her a spanking or two! lol

Gertie said...


What happened to Riff Dog. I see about the public service announcement and yet I didn't read it before the blog was taken down. I saw on the boards that is going away shortly. Please let us know what is happening out there in blogworld.

Desperately seeking Riff....

Jane said...

Face the fact that her parents are your contemporaries (just based on the bon jovi reference) and decide if you wanna be her "daddy" I guess ;-)

david said...

It's all about the strange. Hot , young and blond. Hit it if you can!
She looks like Ms.I who is MIA along with Riff , Holly and several more of my favorite bloggers. Anybody know what happened? Stalkers outing them? Google's new sharing policy?