Monday, March 19, 2012

Can't Get There from Here

Or Who's That Girl

No, Sandee is not Madonna!
So where are now with Sandee?  Is it about strike 10?  Wow Ryan you have taken gullibility to a whole new level!

Wait Ryan, you say it can get even more weird?  How can that be?!  Oh my dear friends, in life I learned long ago - it can always get more weird!

So as you can tell Sandee had sent me several pictures over the past (now month) few weeks that we had been corresponding.  You know that because I have cropped a few for you.  Oh wait, you probably thought I had just gotten some swim suit model pictures off of the internet and uploaded them.  Did you really think I would do that?  Not me!

No those are actually all pictures Sandee had sent me.  And yes I was asking myself also why such a young hotty seemed so interested in moi!  Funny thing about sending pictures though, sometimes they have what you might call a tag on them (I think I mentioned that last week).  For example on one picture Sandee sent me there was a tag that said "Sundance Lifestyle."  Well it didn't actually say "Sundance Lifestyle" that part I changed to protect the guilty.  But the point is it had a tag.  And so I "googled" that tag.  And lo and behold it eventually led me to a photographer's website.  And lo and behold I found that very same picture that Sandee had sent me.

Now at that point I continued to be gullible and mentioned to Sandee that the picture had the label "Sundance Lifestyle," but I didn't mention the photographers website.   Sandee said it was from a recent trip to Utah and that her dad had snapped the picture.

OK, so I left it alone.  But, while Ryan is gullible - he is also curious.  And he just couldn't keep his mind off that website.  Who knows maybe there are some "nuddie" photos of her on the site as well!  :)

So I went back through the website with a fine tooth comb and then I found it.  Nope, unfortunately no nude photos of Sandee. :(

But what I did learn was that the pictures of Sandee were not Sandee rather some girl named Brooklyn or Gisele or IDK but they were not named Sandee!

OK so now the wheels are spinning majorly!  Well of course my next move is to google "that girl's" name (from the website) and that is when the whole story came out.  Apparently my dream girl (from the photos) was not Sandee but a Swim Suit Model/Triathlete from Utah.  She had a website, a blog, videos on YouTube - the whole works.  And wow did the pictures on her blog look familiar.  Yep, there is the picture from the beach that Sandee sent, yep there is the one at the bar with her gal-pal, there is the one of her biking, and there is the one of her fishing.


Do you think I look like Greg or Fregly?

What to do now Ryan?  Surely you have to quit now, right?

WRONG, stupid is as stupid does as my momma said (or maybe it was that Mrs. Gump from next door).  So tune in Thursday as we see Ryan attempt to take stupid to a new level!   :)

Maybe we should just listen to some REM to cool our nerves!


Gertie said...

Wowzer, Ryan this is getting very dangerous. Is SanDeE* really a person in the world. Hopefully she isn't someone you know trying to lure or catch you. I can't wait till Thursday till we know more about this minx charading as a twenty-something triathlete.

Rosie said...

Ohhhh, no. Is Sandee the old "actually a guy?" Or a mature couger trying to lure you? No, we cougers have our own real pictures. Apparently she is just an email queen.