Monday, March 12, 2012

You Know I Took Some Lumps when the Mighty Casey Struck Out

So it wasn't just the Titanic hitting an iceberg that was going through my mind when I was thinking about Sandee now.  I kind of had a baseball analogy stuck in my head as well.  So we had wiffed at tennis (strike one) and whiffed all the next weekend (strike two with several foul balls).

But my Leo and Kate Titanic quote and made her say how cute she thought I was.  I just couldn't help but try one more time (or more).

The following weekend was a big fall festival in my little town.  I had to work again so I thought it was an excellent opportunity for Sandee to meet me just after and we could have an hour or two just before logic required me home.

I sent her info on the festival she seemed very interested and said she could stop by.  I told her to call me and let me know when she was close and I could talk her in if she had trouble (directions seemed to be a challenge for her).

This time she even texted me when she left; things were looking great.  About an hour later she texted me and said she was here but couldn't find the festival.  I asked her to describe where she was.  It was hard to decipher via text but after a few minutes I concluded that she was in a completely different town! I won't say which town but let's just say if I was directing you to Baltimore's Inner Harbor and you described a quaint little harbor with a lot of old looking buildings and this academy across the street after a few minutes I might realize you were actually in Annapolis.  That is about the scope of the error in geography we had.

Obviously this was Strike 3.  But I decided we were not in fact playing baseball but in fact softball or stick ball or tee ball or any league that has 4 or more strikes.  So through text we made plans to try tennis again during the week.

Maybe this would finally work.  I am not the sharpest tack in any room but persistence has always won things for me; surely it will for me now!  Sandee said she could come over right after work.

Again, all looked good throughout the day.  Sandee said she had one last patient around 4 pm and she would try to be quick about getting out of the office.

At about 4:30 pm I got a text "grrr...., this guy was late for his appt.....I'll make him pay for that  :)"

So now I'm thinking 6 pm is still OK; that gives us an hour.  I can deal with that.

Of course 6 pm comes and goes.  I text her and apparently her co-workers would not let her go.

Apparently I was not the first gentleman caller for our lovely Sandee.  Apparently another guy had been talking to her and actually showed up to her office hotel room key in hand and it had scared her and made an impression on her co-workers.  Thinking that Sandee was walking into a trap they did not let her go.  Or so she said.

Again Sandee was apologetic.  This time I was pretty convenced to scrap this and move on.

Sundance Lifestyle
Yeah, I was all ready to move on but then Sandee sent me a very cute picture of herself on a bike and wearing a beautiful summer dress.  The picture was captivating.  But what really got my attention was a little tag that came through when I uploaded the picture.  Yeah a little tag or title to the picture rather.

And that is what kept me going for just a bit more because Ryan is nothing if not curious and that title on the picture had me curious.  Let's just keep going just a bit more.  Hopefully curiosity would not kill this cat........


Kat said...

OMG, Ryan! This gal stands you up repeatedly and all it takes to make it right for you is a cute photo? Seriously?

And the thing about her co-workiers not letting her go...oh puleeeeeaze....

Gertie said...

I agree with Kat seriously was the photo in the DC area or did it have suspicious items in her bicycle basket.

This lady can easily be held captive, by her girlfriends, coworkers, husband but apparently not by you. I call Shenanigans!

But I hope the story eventually changes.....Or Goes Somewhere!!

Elle said...

*Elle repeatedly bangs head off wall*

Same sassy girl said...

Geez Ryan... if you're trying to make me feel sorry for you and pop down to D.C. to um... fix the problem myself, you are just about there!

Ryan Beaumont said...

Ah... my dear ladies I am sure there will be a moral to this story somewhere. Probably something like love finds a way or hope springs eternal or maybe just all the stupid things a guy will do to meet a pretty girl. Yeah, it's probably the stupid and pretty girl thing. Regardless, never fear, you don't think I would spend so much time over someone that was not truly fascinating do you?

Elle, the emotion you show is gratifying, I may just lie and say I never met her just to see how far I can push your buttons! :)

Elle said...

"love finds a way or hope springs eternal"

I just vomited all over my vomit.