Monday, March 26, 2012

When She Smiles My Way My Eyes Go Out in Vain She's Got Perfect Skin

Do we finally meet?

So Wednesday was a very dreary day.  Through the early part of the week Sandee had e-mailed me that she had thought about me as an old boy friend she had thought about "friending" on Facebook recently but had not.  I assured her that I was not that guy.  I was teasing her as well by wondering aloud if we already knew each other.  I told her I was hoping she was this real estate agent that I knew in my neighborhood that was really hot.   I told Sandee that I drive by her billboard (the agent's) every day on the way to work not to mention seeing her by the pool every day in the summer.  Now normally that is not the type of thing I would say to a gal I was trying to court but you see I still didn't believe this was going anywhere so I figured confident and a bit cocky may still be of good use.  You know, the guy thing where we make it out that we have other options even if we don't.   Or maybe it was sour grapes or something or some other silly guy impulse!     :)

She baited me back and asked if I was the neighborhood stud around the pool and of course I told her Yes!

Since Wednesday was so yucky there would be no walk, just lunch I guessed (or hoped).  Now that I knew she was local I knew she knew where the inn/restaurant was located.  This was in fact the same place that had that festival just two weeks ago where she supposedly got lost - I guess that was a fabrication as well (but I'm a forgiving soul).   I was a little concerned about seeing someone I knew at this inn.  But as long as Sandee didn't do any lapdancing on me I was OK.  I do enough meetings around town for a simple lunch with anyone to be observed as legit.  All things helping my mind pass the time.  I will say I was more nervous than I had been since Alecia.

We had said that we would meet at 1 pm.  I got there about 5 minutes early.  When my phone said 1:05 I thought to myself, "shit!"  I texted her; she said she was on the way.  I asked her what type of car she was in so I could walk up with my umbrella (it was raining) and she gave me a description.  A few minutes later I see her car pulling into the parking lot and I walked over.

Now understand, part of my nervousness is that I have no clue what she looks like; the pictures that she had sent previously were not her.  But I had resolved to meet her regardless, even if she was not attractive I was guessing she had a great personality and at this point I just had to meet the lady behind this mystery.   This was kind of cool - sort of like international espionage!

But as I walked up to her car I could tell right away there would be no disappointments with respect to looks.  Actually she looked like what our model friend will likely look like in about 15 years!  Which was A OK with me!

Of course she was checking her cell phone; why is it women always check their cell phone before they do anything nowadays?  It's kind of like having to have a teammate to go pee with; it just seems like something they do for no apparent reason.

Anyway, as I looked into her car I could see her long straight very blond hair.  She stepped out of the car revealing her petite 5 ft 4 figure.  She was wearing very tight jeans and a low cut red shirt with a white sweater.  I am more of a leg man but I did quickly note that perhaps her chest was in fact superior to our model friend.  Regardless, she is hot and immediately all those other AM girls were just a faint memory.

I walked up to her with my umbrella, smiled, and said "hello pen pal!"  She smiled back and said "it's nice to meet you....... are we having lunch?  Am I dressed appropriately?"

I said "yes," and we strolled into the quaint old country inn.

You know the one thing you have to be careful with on Ashley Madison is building up expectation.  Of course I had none on appearance as I had no clue what she looked like going in (a first for me I might add - although she knew what I looked like, Riff would be so ashamed of me).  But as for looks I could easily check off "better than expected."   But as for personality I had expected a silly, bombastic, playful, high-spirited Carmen Diaz type.  It didn't take long to realize that Sandee in person was pretty quiet.  Which is a challenge because I like to sit back and let others do the talking.  Actually, in spite of all that had happened, she seemed quite the ingenue (although just not as young as previously advertised).    :)

Over lunch the conversation went fine.  I still had a few interesting life stories held back and we talked about my job, our families, food, travel etc so everything turned out OK.  I had talked with her over the phone on two occasions so I knew she was very soft spoken.  I guess I had thought she might be different in person but in person she was more like the telephone Sandee than the e-mail Sandee.  I joked with her about reconciling that and she just said it takes awhile for her personality to come out and you have to get to know her.

Lunch went quickly, I paid the bill, and walked her to her car.  We made tentative plans to meet for a walk and perhaps a picnic next week.

All in all I was psyched!  I guess that is a silly thing to say but it seemed like Sandee would bring out my easy going side.  And even though I usually enjoyed women who were more outgoing than I; what I really enjoy are women that brought out the humor that I have inside that had long been dormant with Shannon.  This might be good; it certainly continues to be interesting.

OK, I've been writing at a pretty furious pace over the past two months.  But now I think I'll take a week off to rest a bit.  The rationale for this furious pace and subsequent break will become evident next Monday as I have been trying to create an epic convergence of two monumental events.  Although, to be fair, generally when I build something up reality tends to be somewhat underwhelming!  :)  

See you next week!

Sandee does have some awesome skin!


Gertie said...

I guess it's true, sometimes things are worth the wait. Had you known her from about town, I don't think you mentioned? The umbrella walk from the car, kudos for the under used chivalrous move. :)

Kat said...

Wow! I really was starting to wonder when the meet would happen. I like the chivalry, too. Very nice. :-)

Ryan Beaumont said...

@ Gertie: No I did not know her.

@ Kat: Chivalry I always try for but of course you could accuse me of enlightened self interest as well!

Elle said...

Wait....... I need to know more about her? What was her experiment or study or whatever from your last post? Is she actually married?