Friday, March 2, 2012

I Think that People are the Greatest Fun

Or Day Three

Sunday was never really in the game plan.  You see I probably could have figured out a way to get around the work thing and driven over to the beach on Sunday morning to meet the family.  But in addition to knowing I had a good excuse to create a bachelor weekend it just so happend that an old college buddy needed to give away one of his tickets to the Redskins season opener against the Giants.  Ryan was happy to comply!

Hail to the Redskins!
Oh wait, I was supposed to be portraying myself as a devoted family man - well, I guess you can't believe everything you read.  Particularly when one gets a chance to see this (look to your right)!

So even though I had given Sandee a chance to see me, when she didn't say "let's have sex all day on Sunday" I didn't push.  Football is often a decent alternative to sex.  I think I did say something about coming up for breakfast or brunch Sunday morning when we were texting the night before.  I did text her about it Sunday morning but she had to go to church first and the window of time between "after church" and "leaving for the Redskins game" was too tight so I didn't push.

So Sunday would just have to be boys day out at the Redskins game.  Little did I know I would be watching the World Champions that day. Yes, the Redskins would go on to win that game and then beat the Giants again in New York later in the year.  The Giants would go on to beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl thus crowing the Redskins champs in Ryan world as they handily beat the Super Bowl winner TWICE!  Don't you agree with my logic!   Dan Snyder still sucks old scraggly man balls!  :(

I did text Sandee throughout the day though and she promised that she would move her schedule around on Monday to meet.  She had the day off and "grumpy" was to be at work all night and would come home and sleep.

We were down to one day left on Ryan's bachelor weekend.  One last chance, one last 2 minute drill drive to take the team down the field and win the game.  One last chance for Ryan to make the heroic play.

Would he succeed, how will our Sandee and Ryan's weekend of freedom story end?

Come back Monday same Bat Time, same Bat Channel!

Hey I used that line once on Sandra, she liked it!

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Gertie said...

Really still no action, I don't read this blog for the cheesy pick up lines, I could hear those at the bar.... I have to wait till Monday to find out SanDeE* stands you up again? Boo hiss (throws popcorn)

Seriously I hope this tease finally comes through. I concur about two things in this post, Dan Snyder definitely sucks old scraggly man balls and Redskins are the Ultimate Champs!!!

If there is not some type of meeting/action/ending to the SanDeE* story on Monday, you're going to have to watch out for Hammers!! :)