Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Ashley Madison Day (Feb 15th)!

Or:  I wish I was a Teddy Bear Not Livin' or Lovin' nor Goin' Nowhere


By the way, I am glad adding the “Adult Content” warning hasn’t seemed to keep down my blog hits.  I am a big stats guy at work and life so I have enjoyed pouring over the endless stats that Blogger generates.  However, the other day I saw where “Baha Men Stanley” was listed as a Search Keyword source for my blog.  I then had this horrible thought that some kid searching for information on the Disney kids cartoon My Man Stanley might be directed to my blog entry about first reading Ashley and Me (7th post on 12/16, “Who Let the Dogs Out…) where I make reference to the Baha men singing the shows theme song.  So as a result of my paranoia I added the adult content warning even though I don’t think I am really bad with potty mouth. J  Of course any kid can still click on accepting adult content but as they say “a lock only keeps and honest man honest.”  At least I did my part.  Anyway “Blond Beach Bunny” is currently the #1 Keyword Search with 6 hits so far.

OK, the real point of today’s blog is while today is a National Holiday celebrating love, tomorrow will be a day to celebrate affairs!?  Last May over 30,000 women signed up to Ashley Madison on the day after Mother’s Day.  I speculate that tomorrow many women (and men) upon being dissatisfied with the romance in their current marriage/relationship will dip their toes into the infidelity waters and sign up for Ashley Madison.

I wonder what the over/under is on AM enrollments for tomorrow?

Another thought, Blue Mountain needs to come up with some Ashley Madison Day e-cards.  I have a few ladies I would like to send one to!

But just in case you thought I was a total jerk, Shannon did get a dozen roses this morning with some chocolate and a nice bottle of a Sonoma Pinot and we will be at a nice restaurant tonight.  It won’t get me anywhere but any great ball player always runs out those infield grounders.  Who knows when you might get lucky?


Anonymous said...

I think the site does get more active, but it dies down again quickly as people realize it isn't for them.

Rosie said...

Maybe try the cards at NaughtyCards dot com. OR are they toooo much over the top. Well, I sent one for V Day.

Wandering Eye said...

Am I seeing things or is your post title a line from a Tanya Tucker song circa 1975? If so, you really are a sick bastard! :)

Ryan Beaumont said...

Ohh.. Ms. Wandering Eye - I am glad you were smiling when you said that! :)

Actually the most popular version of the song was by Barbara Fairchild but I love Tanya Tucker as well! Do you ever talk about a place called New Orleans!

Wandering Eye said...

What's your Momma's name child, what's your Momma's name?

OK,before this gets too far - I'm MISTER Wandering Eye -- just a guy that had the hots for Tanya Tucker back in the 70s.

Ryan Beaumont said...

I like her too. My family referrs to her as "goat girl" when we hear her on the radio because of the vibrato in her voice.