Friday, February 11, 2011

She Can Do as She Pleases, She’s Nobody’s Fool

Or “I’m Baaaack in the Saddle Again!” – Part IV

Most of my life I have tended to find myself with “the girl next door” type, I think because I come across as very regular and dependable and nice.  In fact, if you took all of the women I have ever dated over my life, you would probably yield a median of about 5’5,” brunette, petite, and a bit artsy/slightly alternative (e.g. they like the Cure/Depeche Mode and stuff like that).  When I looked at Ms. Blond Power’s profile she seemed totally different yet in a good way.

She was blonde, by the way, 5’10,” 145#, 41 and said she led a very fast paced life and needed a man who could keep up.  Her profile picture was a side view of her face laughing with her head slightly back, a bit Marilyn Monroe’esque. She looked very happy and confident.  In fact her caption said “Can you keep up!”  She said she liked a confident man with a sense of humor but not one who was smug.  She said she loved sports, politics, cooking, and had traveled a lot in her life.  All the things I like, that’s great!

So I wrote her and said among other things:

I love the outdoors and enjoy being active, I love to cook for or with someone special, and have worked in many parts of the country.  I love sports and politics but enjoy different opinions.  I know I can be great; I just need the right person to energize me!  Now there, isn’t that confident without being smug! J

I happened to write her on the day before I went away to a family friend’s wedding for the weekend.  I was delighted when I checked my e-mail at the hotel’s business center that evening and had received a note back from Ms. Blond Power.  And by then I knew to always look for those even numbers of replies, meaning 1 – priority mail opened notice and 2 - reply.

In her note back, Ms. Blond Power said she had been an airline stewardess for much of her life and was now from her definition a “Trophy Wife.”  She said her name was Sandra and she ended her note with “Smiles!”  I liked that.

Additionally, she said I had a nice smile (from my private photos).  I have gotten that comment about four times now.  Which brings me to a rare editorial, there is a memorable scene in the movie Singles when Bridgett Fonda says “I just want a guy who says bless you when I sneeze.”  What you find on AM is what many women want here can be very small, a guy who is a great kisser or has a nice smile.  You see great abs are everywhere and only cost the price of a Gold’s Gym membership to see every day.  A lot of women on AM are in fact married to nice looking guys who make plenty of money.  But they want the simple things that have been lost.  Someone who smiles with delight when they walk into a room or a great kiss that lingers indefinitely.

OK, so my point is and as I said before, don’t waste time on your great abs pics, give ‘em a great smile that says you’re a fun person to spend time with!

To digress even more, when I was thinking of a title for this entry I had that “No More Sandra Dee” in my head from Grease but that didn’t seem to fit.  Then I “googled” Sandra lyrics and found a Barry Manilow song which definitely was no good.  But I did read the lyrics of Sandra by Barry Manilow and those lyrics reminded me of the Billy Joel song above and that seemed to fit my mood although Sandra is much nicer than the lady in that song

So it was déjà vu all over again.  Just a month prior over the Memorial Day weekend I had spent a weekend sending notes back and forth to Alecia as time allowed from a hotel business center computer.  So now I was getting the You’ve Got Mail feeling again!

I scored more humor and traveling knowledge points when I said:

“At 5 ft 10 inches I hope you were never on regional jets as a stewardess!”

Sandra replied:  “I always worked first class!”  To which I replied “but of course!

It also turned out that Sandra had grown up in a small town where I used to work.  In fact it seemed as if we had been spinning around each other for the past 2 decades with all the places we had been.

So by the end of the weekend I had her personal e-mail and we had discussed getting together over the phone the following week.  Things were looking up for once and I truly did get that back in the saddle again feeling!

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Anonymous said...

I can't speak for all women of course, but speaking for myself, I just have to say that I think you totally hit the nail on the head about what women are looking for. So men who are reading this, please take note. ;)