Wednesday, February 2, 2011

She Keeps Moet et Chandon In a Pretty Cabinet

What great lyrics and now to disappoint you with a fairly mundane blog post.  OK, I did a food blog on the fly the other week and since we have a National Holiday this Sunday (yes Super Bowl Sunday is a Nation Holiday in America) I think I should do some quick easy recipes you can try for Sunday.  I may start throwing in some food posts down the road.  After all I am going to need some filler if I keep this blog going.  You know I can’t have sex with enough women to write about it every week!

You say that this is my 21st post and I have only had sex with one women and what type of fraud am I!  Well check in next week and I promise I will start on Round #2 J

And how do the opening lyrics to Killer Queen relate to tailgate food?  Well as I contemplated this entry all I heard in my head was the stirring classical music and silly narration of those old NFL Films highlight reels.  So then I thought a little further and considered “We Are the Champions.”  But that seemed so obvious and even though I love Queen I actually don’t really like that song.  So I thought I would just go ahead and pick a lyric from my favorite Queen song, Killer Queen.  I am probably wasting this because as I read the lyrics it speaks of my fantasy girl I would love to meet on AM (yes I can be a glutton for punishment), although I don’t think AM would be the lair of the Killer Queen Lady!  Of course who knows, Freddy Mercury may have been talking about a guy :(

So here are some simple tailgate type recipes and stuff anybody should be able to do!  Call me the Ashley Madison Gourmet!  BAAM!

Easy Chili (that doesn’t take all day):

Brown 1 pound of hamburger together with half of an onion in a large skillet (note:  you can substitute ground Turkey or Morningstar Farms Veggie Crumbles if you are into health)

Add 1 tbs of chili powder when hamburger fully cooked

Gently Stir in one 8 oz can of tomato sauce

Add 2 cans of Kidney Beans (or substitute 1 can with Black Beans, 3-Bean Salad Beans, or other for variety)

Add salt, pepper, cumin, and more chili powder to taste and bring to gentle simmer for about 10 minutes

Serve w/Nachos and grated Monterey (Pepper) Jack cheese

Your Basic Easy Wings:

Make a basic Roux by combining 1 pound of butter with 2 pounds of flour.  Do this by melting butter in sauce pan then turn down heat to low and gently stir in flour until forming a batter-like mixture.

Stir Tabasco into Roux until it takes a thin gravy-like texture and cool – keep stirring throughout the process.

Defrost Chicken wings and toss in any dry mix you may prefer. 

Once Tabasco Roux is cooled toss wings into mix until fully coated.

Bake wings in oven at 400 for approximately 45 minutes or until crispy on outside.  Turn wings over at halfway point to cook evenly.

Blackbean Casserole:

Prepare your basic white minute rice (or if your exotic some Basmati) and layer into a casserole dish.

Next, add a layer of black beans season with taco seasoning, green chilies, roasted red peppers, or anything else you like.

Add layer of grated cheddar-jack cheese and sprinkle green onions on top           

Bake for about 20 minutes on 350, Add fresh cilantro on top

Crab Pico De Gallo Bruschetta:

            Preheat oven @ 325 & line a sheet pan w/parchment paper
Toss ½ pound of fresh crabmeat; ½ of a diced green, red, and orange pepper; ½ of a shallot; 1 minced garlic clove; ½ tbs of fresh cilantro; ½ tps of fresh parsley; ¼ tps coarse sea salt; 1 tsp of garlic infused olive oil; and tsp of lemon juice in a large bowl

Toss cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese into mix

Slice French Bagette on the bias into small ovals with ½ inch thickness

Spoon about 2 tbs of mix onto bagette and sprinkle diced tomato and/or roasted red pepper on top

Bake for 5 to 7 minutes or until cheese is bubbly

If you are a fan of the Packers I suggest buying some Johnsonville Brats and a 6 pack of Old Milwaukee and soaking the brats overnight and grilling out (note if you are a Packer fan you won’t mind grilling out on the deck in this balmy weather).  If you are a Steelers fan go out and get a sandwich from Primanti’s or get some pirogues from your local frozen foods section and nuke ‘em!

Since I don’t care for either team I will give my Super Bowl prediction for next year.

Redskins 24 Ravens 17

Do they still do Bud Bowl?

By the way for those few who don’t care about the game check this site out!

My other early prediction, Danica and Go Daddy take the “Buzz” award!

And listen to the stirring music below while you are cooking.

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Anonymous said...

Queen?! Okay, I'm in and in agreement this is not my favorite song but the lyrics are so damn catchy, you just can't help singing along. xo - E.