Thursday, February 17, 2011

You are the Reason I've Been Waiting All These Years

This is my first attempt at writing an entry directly onto Blogger.  I have generally stayed about 3 posts ahead in a word document and cut and paste onto the blog.  But it has been a busy week and I am behind but I wanted to stay at 2 posts per week, that just seems like a good pace.  I will try to get the second phase of my Sandra story written ASAP.

Anyway, I was watching Bandslam with the family last night.  Which, if you don't mind delving into the teen world, is actually a very good movie.  It is the first movie I have seen in a long time that ventures back to the look and feel of those 80's classics like Breakfast Club that I grew up on.  I cringe when I say this but at the end there is an excellent version by Ms. HSM herself Vanessa Hudgins of the 70's Bread song "I Would Do Anything for You."  Just call me Ry4an (the 4 is silent) from now on.  Although the ska version in Bandslam is more like Boy George's version from the 80's if you are a YouTube addict.  As I am saying this I am identifying with the geeky male lead of the movie Will Burton who is a music connoisseur as I am.  I have to respect a character who's musical tastes run from Wichita Lineman to Velvet Underground!

So anyway, after the movie I did some YouTube surfing for versions of "I Would do Anything" but then went in other directions.  I ended on some songs from one of my all time favorite movies Fandango (an early Kevin Costner classic).  The title lyrics above are from an Eric Clapton/Steve Winwood (Blind Faith) song that is in the movie.  However what captured my attention was the ending scene which seems to fit a blog about Ashley Madison.  An ending scene where a guy has a final dance with an old girlfriend who just got married to his best friend and its touching!  My guess is that in Fandango II the girl has been happily married for about 15 years but then finds out about AM and tries to find that old spark she got when she was with Kevin Costner :)  Just a thought?  Anyway, great scene and great music from Pat Metheney (see below).  Again, I start on one theme and go to another, I guess I can't stay on message so I'll never be a politician.

So, "how about a Fandango!"

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