Friday, February 4, 2011

Should I Try to Do Some More; 25 or 6 to 4

Or “I’m Baaaack in the Saddle Again!” – Part I

A song about writing a song (in this case at 3:35 in the morning).  Maybe I should write a blog entry about writing a blog entry.  “Searching for something to say….”

And of course followed by some Aerosmith lyrics!

OK, first I should give a big thank you to Riff Dog for mentioning my humble blog in Ashley and Me.  Or is it that people just became about 1,000% more interested in my blog?  No, I think I have to give credit to the power of THE DOG!

You know the movie Platoon has an interesting form of narration where Charley Sheen is the hybrid narrator as he writes letters to his grandmother.  In some sense maybe these Ashley Madison Adventures are letters to the Big Dawg, the Minister of Mojo, the Master of the Kwan, the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla – Riff Dog.  Sorry, I guess I need to clean that brown off my nose. J  But seriously, thank you Riff, enjoy your time off, and come back soon – I am sure we will all soon be in need of some more inspiration!

As we get into late June I get my mojo back when I get a wink from Asiriga.  So I venture back out into the world of Ashley Madison with my public profile now flashing!  In that last week of June I send out about 15 notes and I guess summer must just be a good time or I was just hitting my stride because I get 5 responses back.  They are Beatlemania, Ciao Bella, ElegantLadyinRed, Blonde Power, and of course Asiriga.

So I am conversing with 5 females – hot damn!  However, as always the pool does rapidly decline.  As my previous post shows, it didn’t take long for me to realize that Asiriga aka Ekaterina was a no-go.

Of the remaining 4, Ciao Bella and E Red were the most intriguing but were looking for “Sugar Daddies” not friends with benefits so probably the least likely candidates (I’ll talk more about that later).  But my attitude is the cost of a priority message is a drop in the bucket if it leads to a good time!

Ciao Bella is apparently a “traveling lady” as she lists her home in Chicago but had come up within my 50 miles radius on the advanced search.  She did in fact say she traveled internationally and had extended stays in New York, Chicago, and Miami but was currently in DC through July, how enchanting!

She had a black and white photo of her long, lean, sexy legs slightly crossed and angling toward the camera as she was apparently sitting on the edge of a bed.  She said she was not looking to train anyone so she “didn’t desire any young gentlemen.”  She enjoyed an occasional cigar and cognac after dinner and appreciated a man who enjoyed as well.  She wanted someone with wit, class, and style and that you could display you knowledge and refinement by telling her the type of shoes she was wearing.  How creative!  The only problem is I am not too refinedL, but sometimes I can pretend and I have certainly seen enough episodes of “Sex in the City” so I take a stab in my message at saying she is wearing Blahniks (‘cause her legs look just as good as Carrie’s in those shoes).  I should at least get some credit for reading her profile don’t you think!  The shoes were pretty thin and stylish and the high heels look like they could be used as a piercing weapon so I think it was a pretty good guess.

I had said something about music, food, and ballet in my note as well and I do get a reply.  She asks what type of music I like and says her name is Francesca.  Ah, now I am fantasizing Francesca as a beautiful Italian girl just like the girl Michael Corleone marries in Sicily in the Godfather (Appolonia)!

Now as you can tell I am pretty all over the charts on music preference so answering honestly you might think me crazy.  I hedge a bit and say I enjoy 80/90’s Alt Rock, Classic Country, and I do love World Music such as Putomayo, etc – something just told me she might like that better than Johnny Cash.  We exchanged a few messages over the week about food, travel, work, etc.  But ultimately, I guess our preferences didn’t connect because after those few AM notes I didn’t here back from her.

Oh well, maybe I should have guessed Jimmy Choo shoes J

So let’s move over to lady #3, a dazzling, charming, and Elegant Lady that just seems to come off as British to me.

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Unknown said...

5 responses is excellent. It's not surprising most fizzled out. Happens all the time unfortunately.

Can't wait to hear the next part!