Monday, February 7, 2011

You Were Only Waiting for this Moment to Arise

Or “I’m Baaaack in the Saddle Again!” – Part III

Who said Paul could only write silly love songs!

So after a week I have it factored down to Ms. Beatlemania and Blond Power or rather I had been factored down to those two ladies.  Although a consolation prize would seem an insult and understatement to Ms. Beatlemania and Ms. Blond Power.

Ms Beatlemania was looking for someone intelligent, with sharp wit and enjoyed sarcasm; she listed both bad boy and guy next door as a preference and apparently liked music.  She said she was athletic and enjoyed the outdoors.

Among other things I wrote:

I’m writing to you, that must make me intelligent…  You want a Bad Boy Next Door?  Are you looking for someone with a split personality?  Hey you did say you liked sarcasm J

So with that I got a nice note back from Beatlemania.  She said my note made her laugh.  She said she preferred personal e-mail and she gave me her’s (pbest@****.com) and said her name was Christine.

I then scored some more humor points when I asked if she was still bitter over being kicked out of the band!  Yes, her e-mail did reference a past member of the band.

She said she had a very hectic life with work and kids.  She apparently prepared proposals for a defense contractor just outside the beltway and said “I could tell you about it but I would have to kill you! J  Good to see someone with humor!  Maybe she’s the one who has those bargain basement $1,000 screw drivers the Army uses!  She also said she occasionally was known to curse like a sailor.  Interesting!  And while her profile listed her as in Virginia she actually lived in Maryland.  I was finding out one could usually assume there was as much creativity in any woman’s profile as one would find in mine.  However, it was becoming an interesting dance as I found out about the ladies I wrote too and as they found out about me.  In fact the dance was almost as fun as the actual eventual meeting.  Did I say meeting?  I hope that means I actually meet another woman J

On one of her follow up e-mails she sent some pictures of herself.  Now in an earlier blog entry I mentioned being careful about pictures as they can over and under represent.  In Ms. Beatlemania’s situation her first picture was underwhelming, one of those quickie I Phone pictures shot at arm’s length.  But a second round of photos had a very inviting picture of her lounging on the front of a sail boat looking over her shoulder at the camera with a nice smile.  Point here; don’t put too much emphasis on early photos (positive or negative).

After we e-mailed several times we had a tentative after work drink scheduled.  Unfortunately Ms. Beatlemania self-selected to drop out of AM abruptly and again I didn’t hear back.

So I had now gone from bonanza to one option.  But sometimes in life the cream does rise to the top!

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Rosie said...

I thought it was only the men who POOFed. How incredibly rude not to say SOMEthing and then depart.