Friday, February 25, 2011

Something Tells Me You Lost the Plan

So, as I said before, I have mostly dated the girl next door over the years.  I guess if I had a vision of who I would meet on Ashley Madison it would be a 30-something housewife who had a work-a-holic husband who didn’t pay any attention to her and I would fill that void.  If you read my Shannon’s Story blog entries you will see I have certainly learned many lessons over the years through my mistakes.  Alecia was certainly not at all like that and Sandra would be worlds away from that girl next door Suburban mom I expected to meet.

So it’s Wednesday and I had my first date with my second Ashley Madison lady.  You see, I told you there would be more to the story!  I was a bit apprehensive because while I really enjoyed talking to Sandra I was not sure if I would be physically attracted to her based on my preconceived notions of age.  Hopefully I would find myself wrong.

I made it to the restaurant a few minutes early and I had to wait.  I was watching from inside the front door of the restaurant for Sandra.  The restaurant was at the back of a plaza with parking across the plaza from the restaurant so I would be able to see her when she arrived.  About 5 minutes after 2 pm (when we were to meet) I saw a BMW pull up with what looked like a female driver.

When the driver stepped out I knew it was Sandra!  She was talk, blonde, and wearing a very tight black dress with French maid-like stockings, black high heels, and sunglasses.  She immediately projected an air of confidence.  I walked out to greet her and she had a very pleasant smile.  I don’t know why but this shy regular guy seems to attract these supremely confident women – who knew?

We walked into the restaurant and sat in the bar area at one of those tall Bistro-style tables.  We ordered two glasses of wine and some appetizers (calamari and bruschetta).

Sandra was thoroughly entertaining and interesting.  She has her own Interior Design business that keeps her as busy as she needs to be.  She is also very savvy and knowledgeable about finance, politics, sports, and any number of things.  She is a bit of a day trader and seemed to know what she was talking about when we talked about it.  She also loves the NFL and apparently is very successful at betting.  She is a real lady though and apparently has a real weakness for vintage dresses on eBay and stuff on etsy.  I guess to best describe her, she is a Mad Men type of lady and I say that because she said she loves the show.  She also is an avid cook and wine aficionado!  And of course I could listen to those airline stories forever J

I knew of Sandra’s interest in politics from our e-mails and I had brought a signed book by a famous politician from her home state.  I was just lucky to have that little token in my style inventory!  She seemed very delighted at the thought.

Sandra had also been a body builder when she was married to husband #2 (also a bodybuilder).  But now, with husband #3 she was as she said before a “Trophy Wife.”  Well I was certainly going to be glad to run off with this trophy if given the chance!

Up close she was very beautiful as well.  She admitted to having some work done, what “Trophy Wife” wouldn’t!  And she had very large beautiful dark eyes you could just sink into.  She was very warm and kind and while she was very confident she made me feel very much at ease.  As I said before, everything seemed natural and it didn’t take on that interview feel.  I think the benefit here with age and experience was that Sandra was not new to this game; she knew what she wanted, probably could easily see a fake, and generally was just looking for someone she enjoyed.  And I hoped I would be that person.

I saw a movie recently where the main character said “I don’t do whys.”  It was very refreshing to spend time with someone and not focus on the whys of our lives but share more in the hopes and aspirations.

Two hours would go by quickly and I had to leave.  I was going to be out of town the following week so we didn’t set any second date plans other than that I would call when I got back and that there would be a second date.

I walked Sandra to her car.  We said a few pleasantries and she said “give me a kiss before you go.”  And so I did and she didn’t just give me a peck back, she pulled me in and gave me a long soft kiss.  As she let me go she said “you smell good, can’t wait to see you again handsome” and smiled.  I watched her drive away and she smiled and waved.

Yes, this does look like a good thing J


Unknown said...

Sounds like a great first date! Can't wait to hear about the rest!

Anonymous said...

Wow Ryan! This sounds very promising!