Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Don't You Know that it's Different for Girls

Something about Joe Jackson always reminds me of the summer.  I think it's because I just seem to associate that song Is She Really Going Out with Him with being at swim practice and around the pool in the summers way back when (note:  the song was released in September, 1978).  And doesn't every guy truly identify with THAT song!  How many times were you asking how did that gorilla end up with that girl and is she really going to take him home tonight?  Doesn't she realize she could be with me?  Oh wait, Riff probably doesn't identify because he was that guy that was with that girl while we were scratchin' our heads!  :)

Anyway something about Joe Jackson is very calming and peaceful in a depressing way of sorts.

Another song of his is It's Different for Girls.  To me it seems to be about a guy who thinks he should pursue a girl with the typical romantic sweet intentions yet finds out not all girls are that way.  In fact some girls are in it for the sex among other things.  But regardless isn't it so important "to be sure we want the same thing!"

I really was drawn to Keeley from the start, probably moreso than with Alesha or Sandra.  Maybe it was because I was loosening up and just enjoying the playful gamesmanship of the AM notes, e-mails, CHAT's, etc.  And also understanding that it was perhaps a titillating game for her as well; yes it's fun to be the prey sometimes.  Regardless, I was really anxious to meet Keeley.  And obviously the fact that she was from another country added to the allure.

As I said in my last Keeley post she was a little reluctant to meet a guy that lived an hour away.  So I made it "turn-key" for her.  I love to explore and exploring out of the way restaurants is one of my hobbies.  There was a diner I had driven by many times on the way to Baltimore.  It looked like something you would see on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives so I really wanted to go but had never found the time.  This place would be about a 15 minute drive for Keeley so it was the perfect "turn-key" compromise.

The one difference here was that I had yet to speak with Keeley over the phone, I had done so with Alesha and Sandra.  But Keeley and I had CHAT'ed so I knew more about her on paper.  But it still felt like a real blind date not having heard her voice.  Of course, I had alerted her to the fact that some claim I have a bit of a southern twang to my accent - I didn't want her to have any bad reaction to finding out she was with a hick from the sticks!

So I found myself driving toward Baltimore on a beautiful, crisp, clear October day.  It was one of those days where you get the feeling that it is the sun's last blast of fall just before the November blahs.  We were to meet at about 2 pm for a late lunch.  I got there a few minutes early and just waited and listened to XM Radio.  A few minutes after 2 pm a big Black tank of an SUV (Denali) pulls up toward the middle of the parking lot.  I was pretty sure it was her.  I saw a very stylish looking lady with sunglasses and long hair as she drove by.  I could just make out that she was finishing a cell phone call.  She finished, put down the phone, and then glanced into the vaniety mirror and swiped at her hair.  Then she opened the door and stepped out.

She had a dark navy power suit with a fairly tight knee length skirt and a somewhat low cut white blouse.  Her heels accentuated her long shapley legs and her height.  She had long Auburn hair that really caught fire in the light of the sun.  I stepped out and started to walk toward her.  She took off her glasses and revealed a timid smile.  As I approached I opened up my arms a little and said "are we supposed to hug here?"  I thought that might break the ice and it did.

She felt really good in that brief moment and smelled wonderful.  She had listed herself as 5'8" and 150#'s on AM but the heels made her feel like she was eye to eye with me.  I think you could classify her as "big boned" but very sexy, shapely, and athletic looking; similar in appearance to Princess Fergie.  Again, I have said back in school and certainly with my wife I have always been with the petitie cute girl.  With Sandra and now with Keeley I found myself with the bombshell type.

Oh, and I forgot to mention.  Just after I said "are we supposed to hug here?"

She replied "yeah, I guess we are.  It's great to finally meet you - you are a cutie."

And WOW, that Aussie accent was a total turn on!

So we went inside and got a table with a beautiful view of the highway (that's sarcasm) but I was not really looking there because she was to my right and in front of that view.

I tend to be the typical WASP with a big personal space so I always notice when people are close and maintain eye contact.  Keeley seemed very genuine and eager to get to know me.  We did find ourselves talking about family a lot but also just how we got to where we were.  She came to the states for college to play a sport, met her husband in college, had lived out west, but had been on the east coast for the last 10 years.  Marriage was the typical story; husband with low sex drive, lost feelings, work-a-holic etc, etc.

It's funny all the women always say they love their husbands.  And you know I say the same thing too.  But we both agreed that we needed more and were looking for that romantic enchantment.

We ordered, I think she got a Caesar Salad and I went with my diner stand-by Cobb Salad (originally created at the Brown Derby restaurant in Hollywood for you food buffs).  By the end of the meal our knees were touching.  At one point I made the point to slightly touch her arm to emphasize a point.  Her smile seemed to broaden at the touch in acceptance.  We decide to split a slice of Banana Cream pie with coffee.  She touched my hand at one point to emphasize one of her points and that lingered into a few minutes of hand holding.

When she went to the restroom and I got up to pay I was surprised that it was already 3:30 pm and we had been there for an hour and a half.  When she came back I walked her to her car.  I had mentioned that work was winding down a bit and I would be more free in the coming weeks.  As I opened her door she said "is next week still slow for you?"

I said "yes."

Then Keeley followed with, "let me see if I can get a whole afternoon off so we can spend some quality time together."

I could tell she wanted to be kissed so I leaned forward as if to hug.  She met me with a kiss.  At first a few pecks but she didn't pull back so I leaned in further.  I love those soft gentle kisses that lead slowly to a deeper kiss.

But I sensed this was not the time and place and something down below was on full alert and I didn't want a Ron Burgandy moment sticking out there in the breeze so I slowly pulled back.  Keeley was smiling and rubbed me on the shoulder and said "next time."  I was not exactly sure what next time meant but I knew what I hoped it meant.


Riff Dog said...

I love this stuff. First dates especially are the best. Looking forward to "quality time."

Unknown said...

Oh great! Now I have 'Steppin Out' stuck in my head!

First dates are fun....second dates are even funner! :D