Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I Sit and Wonder Does the Message Get to You

Do you recognize that lyric?  Probably not, it's from one of those songs you've heard but would never guess the group.  Remember Baltimora - I didn't think so.

The song is Tarzan Boy.  No - this post is not about me screwing monkeys, get your mind out of the gutter!

Btw, if you live near DC you also live near Baltimore.  Except that even though Baltimore is close as a crow flies (we say that down south), anyone that lives in a major metro area knows the other side of the beltway can seem like the other end of the universe.

Yes McLean, VA to Beltsville, MD may not look too far on a map but at certain times during the day, trust me, it's a lifetime away.  Luckily I don't live in either of those places but it's a good analogy here.

Keeley had a town near Baltimore on her profile so I knew going in she was a bit further away than normal.  But as I had learned a little 30/45 minute drive to meet an AM friend was a good thing.  The problem is convincing a new lady of that.  You see, often new AM members are under the false assumption that sexual satisfaction lies within their neighborhood.  Well, that actually may be true but the problem is that liaison may be intersected by that nosey PTA mom upon your first casual drink at that local bar.  And god forbid your car is recognized at your local Holiday Inn :(

So, in my book, local is somewhat of a paradox.

But unfortunately you can't always tell these things to the new girls.  So you have to slowly work on it.

E-mail wise things moved fairly quickly and Keeley liked to CHAT on yahoo, that was somewhat new to me (I guess I'm just an old fashion cell phone guy).  I'm an OK writer when I have time to think but I'm not always quick on the draw so to speak in CHAT.  And like a bad politician I don't always stay "on message."  Meaning, one minute I'm working on talking about a dream or fantasy that includes coffee and whipped cream and the next I'm saying that I wish the Redskins would just stay sucky and not flirt with my emotions by beating the Cowboys and then tanking against Buffalo.

Anyway I was feeling good vibes from Keeley it was just the location thing that concerned her.  Luckily, Ryan is always flexible and volunteered the first drive.  There was in fact a diner near her off the highway that I had driven by many times and wanted to try.  She knew of it also and heard that it was good and wanted to try it as well.

My advice when trying to secure that first date.  Make it interesting but more importantly make it "turn-key!" 

Remember those lyrics from that song the Rose:

"And you think that love is only
for the lucky and the strong"

On Ashley Madison success does not always go to the best looking or funniest, it often goes to the lucky and the accommodating!

So after about 1 week of e-mails, CHATS, and a few exchanged pictures I had a date at a diner with about a 75/25 travel split - but I'm always willing to go the extra mile for the right lady!

Since I'm always the visual kind of guy I will say that Keeley looked a bit like Fergie; not from the Blackeyed Peas (all you millennials), the former princess Fergie.  Damn, now I'm thinking what it would be like to meet the Blackeyed Peas Fergie on AM - I'd be glad to "get stupid" with her!


France said...

I guess I live way too far for that 72/25!!!! ;)

Do we get to know more about Fergie/Keeley?!

Riff Dog said...

I know what you mean about the local paradox. Convenience is great, but the risk (or even just worrying about the risk) makes it not worth it.